What is a Kitchen Scale?

A kitchen scale is a measuring device or product which is used to measure the ingredients of various foods for cooking. Basically, the tablespoon measurement may bring some changes in taste as well as calories of the foods you eat with excitement. But, if you use some best kitchen scales, then there will be no worry of taste changes and increase in calories. In these days, most of chefs prefer using specific scales for measuring foods and ingredients if you want cooking some endless tasty dishes, especially crunchy, crispy and spicy recipes. These scales seem very casual in look and ordinary in working, but these come with many additional functions. Several types of kitchen or food scales work on rechargeable AAA batteries, while many are DC power based products.

Do You Need a Scale in Your Kitchen?

Many women question that why it is important to use the scales for foods and ingredients measurement. Casual foods are cooked by measuring the ingredients amount in some measuring cups, beakers and spoons. But, cultural, fast food and some special recipes can never be cooked by taking estimated amount of the ingredients. If the quantity of spicy and crispy ingredients vary, then surely taste of whole recipe will be changed. So, you need the best digital kitchen scales that let you know exact amount of all ingredients required to cook a recipe.

If you are experienced in cooking and baking a variety of recipes, then sure you can improve the taste of these foods by maintaining quantity as well as ratio of ingredients. For this, you must prefer a best quality kitchen scale that may help you measuring exact amount of ingredients you need to cook a recipe. If the ingredients are taken in spoons and measuring cups, then these might be spicy and extra crispy which you can never eat enough. The average ingredients will yield better taste and suitable crisp which you can enjoy better.

Where to Find Best Kitchen Scales:

When you have learned the usefulness of kitchen scale, then you need to find the ways and places where best quality products are available. Sure, you must search for the best online stores and formal shops where you can buy best electronic kitchen scales. These products are overloaded with features and benefits. You can also buy these scales from online stores that is a time and cost efficient shopping method.

If you are not experienced to buy such kitchen appliances, then you should get some directions and guidelines that will lead you in right direction. Basically, in this developed age it is extremely easy to search, find and buy technical brands like best kitchen weighing scales. But, for this you must be well in internet searching and have little knowhow about the kitchen appliances. If you target the specs, features and other general aspects of food scales, then you will easily buy an unbeatable scale for your kitchen use.

List of Highly Famous and Best in Performance 5 Kitchen Scales Available for Sale:

In the following, a list of 5 best food or kitchen scales has been provided with useful information you should go through prior to buy a scale. These product reviews have more relevant and deeper information about technical specs and qualities you should always give priorities.

1) Etekcity 11lb/5kg Digital Multifunction Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Scale:

This is a smart scale with its multifunction features. It has been made of stainless steel and its design makes people able to clean it easily as well as repair it when it is out of order. This food scale has a simple shape and it uses 2 AAA rechargeable batteries to run it, as it takes less power to work. It can be used to weight from 1 gram to 11 lbs or 5 kg (5,000 grams). You can keep it anywhere for weighting different products like foods and casual articles. Most of jewelers also use it to weight jewelry. Anyway, it is Meet CE/RHOS certified that makes it much popular in the world.

You will have no need to fuss or clutters to use it, while it is lightweight and easier to transport. It helps you to weight the exact amount of ingredients you are going to use for baking and cooking recipes. However, this product has only one year limited warranty by the company that is considered insufficient by customers. All functions it owns are user friendly including simplest and fastest unit conversion mode, auto tare, low battery indicating light and backlit display. Cost of this food scale is low and easily affordable, but it is little hard to track it in stock.


  • Stainless steel and sleek design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Simple unit conversion system with unique auto tare
  • Multipurpose product with a variety of uses and functions
  • Weight capacity ranges from 1 gram to 5,000 grams (11 lbs)
  • Easy to lift and store
  • Backlit display with low battery indication
  • CE-RHOS certified brand
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty
  • 2 AAA rechargeable batteries as power sources
  • No further clutters are needed etc.


  • Sure, finding it in stock is difficult
  • Simple brand and not customized functions
  • Limited conversion units
  • Weak power source.

2) Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black:

Ozeri Pronto is a digital food or kitchen scale with elegant look, more appealing design and user friendly functions. This product is round in shape and bigger in size than other flat and slim scales. Usually, it has digital functions at lower part of the scale, while it is available in several colors. It is admitted that this scale is one of the best with its wider weight range from 1 gram to 5050 grams or 11 pounds. Further, it is precise and accurate by its measurement and you can use to weight ingredients of recipes in your kitchen. Weighing platform or surface is Chrome finished and it is larger in size to weight more quantity of goods.

There are two big buttons indicating the click confirmation while you press any of these buttons. There is a power button with precision Tare, while the other button is for unit setting to convert quantity from one form or scale to the other. If you place an additional bowl or container at weighing top, then sure it will subtracts its weight and there will be net weight of ingredients. You can convert ounces to grams just in one touch and repeat it as per requirements. It owns LCD display to view the results of conversion and total weight on the weighing platform. Finally, company offers you guaranteed satisfaction and it needs 2 AAA batteries to work.


  • User friendly, accurate and more reliable to use for weighing the ingredients
  • Multiple uses
  • Round in shape and beautiful in design
  • LCD for display of results
  • Easy conversion; Ounce, Grams, Lbs and Kg
  • Single push power button
  • Tare and unit conversion button
  • Capable to weight 1 gram to 5050 grams or 11 lbs
  • Good chrome finished
  • Elegant look and smart design
  • Precise results and auto subtraction of bowls having ingredients
  • Portable and best to use etc.


  • Most users do not like it due to its traditional look and heavy weight
  • Cheap, but always missed from the stock
  • Not durable and low performance probability due to insufficient power supply.

3) Etekcity 11lb/5kg Digital Kitchen Food Scale, Stainless Steel, Alarm Timer & Temperature Sensor:

By look, this scale is a marvelous brand with its stainless steel finish and round bowl as measuring container. You can also measure the liquids and paste in this scale to set ratio for spicy and crispy recipes. Anyway, it is a fantastic product with it very precise measurement and weighing range from 0.1 oz / 1 gram to 5kg or 11 lbs. Sure, its total capacity to weigh is 5 kg or 11 pounds. It has been supported with high precision strain gauge sensor for trustworthy and more accurate results within seconds. You can read the weight or results in clear LCD display.

In addition, it comes with temperature sensor to record the heat, while it also has the timer. Capacity of its bowl is 2.15 liter, while it is completely detachable when it is not in use. You can also use this bowl to mix and pour various ingredients for making a recipe. Design of the product is much appealing and attractive that can also decor your kitchen along with meeting your kitchen needs. Further, company provides just 1 year warranty on this scale. Vivid blacklit display for watching the results on mini LCD. It is an approved scale and it comes with an easier tare and unit conversion system.


  • Accurate and easy Tare
  • Precise results up to 5 kg or 11 pounds
  • Capable to measure from 0.1 oz or 1 gram to 5000 grams
  • Detachable bowl
  • LCD for display of the results
  • Easy unit conversion system by one touch
  • Digital scale with sleek design that is eye catching
  • Stainless steel body with chrome finished
  • 15 liter bowl capacity
  • One year warranty
  • Temperature sensor and alarm timer
  • Cheap product
  • Good to decor your kitchen etc.


  • Unavailable in several regions and countries, even online stores
  • Heavy in weight
  • Not an ideal scale for kitchen use.

4) Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale (12 lbs Edition), Tempered Glass in Elegant Black:

This one is a professional digital touch food scale which is widely used in America. Australia and Europe for its elegant look, decent design and easy to use functions. It has a capacity up to 12 lbs, while its look arrests attention of buyers. Touch sensitive buttons help you to operate it easily and fast than other manual and digital scales. It has been supported with a high quality tempered glass at the scaling or weighing surface that develops its shade. This glass is not an ordinary one, because it has been estimated that it is four time stronger than normal glass you use on mobile phone screen.

Its design is award winning for its thinner structure that seems similar to a Smartphone. It owns four GFX sensor with high precision and accuracy. This scale offers you measurement from 0.05 oz to 10.8 oz or 1 gram to 5750 grams or 12 lbs. Accurate Tare provides you accurate and net weight of ingredients you are weighing for your delicious recipe. It gets power from 2 Lithium batteries, while an alternative battery compartment can also be used without opening screws of the digital touch screen kitchen scale. Its price is very reasonable and accessible by everyone who needs it and interested to buy it for kitchen uses.


  • Multi featured device
  • Digital touch screen function
  • Easy to use just by one touch operation
  • Precise and fast Tare button
  • Unit conversion system
  • 4 GFX sensors
  • Fast working and digital display
  • Capacity is from 1 gram to 5750 grams or 12 lbs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Tempered glass 4 time stronger than ordinary glass
  • Beautiful look and award winning design
  • Smart structure and thinner body etc.


  • Challenging to find it
  • Missed from famous online stocks and stores
  • Not easy to understand for everyone
  • Touch issues may happen.

5) AmazonBasics Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display:

It is a special kitchen scale with multi features and tasks you can do in your kitchen. This is a smart and medium scale with its digital functions and LCD display. Usually, this scale is excessively used by Americans in restaurants, fast food points and at homes. Basically, scale functions on this product are same as you have read in other kitchens scales. Further, you can view the results on bigger LCD display that will also show the converted measurement units. It has metallic finish weighing plate or surface on which you can directly place the ingredients for weighing. Secondly, it will subtracts the weight of bowls or container if you place on weighing surface.

This digital scale for kitchen has wider screen to display the results and weight of objects. It has also a capacity of weighing from 1 gram to 5,000 grams that is 11 lbs. Company has added advance sensor technology to give faster and more accurate response of the scale when something is placed at weighing tray. It can display results in lbs, ounces, grams and kilograms. You can also convert these units mutually according to your recipes. Tare button has a unique function to subtract the weight of additional bowl or container you use for weighing some paste or liquid ingredients. This function will never let the weight increase or decrease to affect your recipe.


  • Smart and more decent design
  • Very useful scale with comfortable use
  • Accurate and 100% efficient to measures ingredients up to 11 lbs or 5 kg
  • Wide LCD for displaying results
  • Unit conversion
  • Tare button easy to start and it subtracts the weight of additional container over the weighing surface
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Cheapest kitchen scale ever
  • 2 AAA batteries to run it
  • User friendly and ordinary functions
  • Round weighing plate etc.


  • Available in Europe and America only
  • Limited in stock due to high competition
  • Casual functions and manual control
  • Cheap, but not perfectly durable.

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