Tea Kettle and Wide Range Uses:

Tea is a regular hot drink of everyone in the world regardless where the people are standing and going to. But, at busy paces like offices and workstations you often have no time to stay kitchen for making tea in a traditional way. But, you can do this easily by the electric tea kettles that are special pots with lids and spouts. These kitchen appliance was introduced to overcome the length tea making processes by formal methods and avoiding the heat of gas range or stove. Now, you can make tea with electric kettle, however it is a metallic pot just to boil the water, while you need to add sugar and tea pack later when you pour the boiled water into a tea cup or mug.

Tea Kettles for Saving Time with Great Taste:

Sure, a tea kettle has become very ordinary kitchen appliance which you can use anytime and everywhere for boiling water to make a tea. It also offers you to boil water in large quantity when you need more cups of tea. Secondly, the unique tea kettles always cut off the time needed to make tea in a kitchen. Nowadays, some special types of the kettles have also been introduced that come with digital display, one touch function, ready tone at the end and variable temperature or heat controls. However, these modern tea kettles are not available everywhere due to limited production by manufacturers.

Why You Need a Tea Kettle?

This is very ordinary question that why people need a tea kettle, while they have everything in kitchen needed to make tea. Yes, today everyone makes efforts to save time rather than money. Busy people mostly prefer the best tea kettles, because they need tea several times during their working, but they have not enough time to make tea in a generic way as women make at home. So, they use tea packs to mix them with milk and boiled water. It is another way to enjoy a delicious tea as well as coffee in a smart style. You can save your time and money to make tea by these kettles that are specific for this purpose.

How and Where to Buy Tea Kettles?

Competitive markets are considered the best places to search, find and buy electric kettles to make tea easily. But, customers do not know well about right brands, places and types of these kettles which they prefer to buy. For this, they should prefer a leading company with a variety of kettles. For example; if you are living in America, then you should purchase tea kettles made in USA that will be best in performance and quality. Online markets and stores are more appropriate places to buy the electric kettles.

Chase Performance Than Low Priced Products:

low priced products have many doubts and quality issues which most customers ignore, while they are focusing just on competitive rates. When you are going to buy whistling tea kettles or simple products, then your eyes must be on performance of those brands. It is very compulsory factor you should grip strongly and prefer to check good performance of tea kettles. If you give priorities to quality and efficiency, then you will get a best product regardless its cost.

Best 5 Tea Kettles Reviews for the Help of Buyers:

In following, the best five tea kettles with a variety of specs, features and standard performance have been discussed with their reviews.

1) Ovente KG83B 1.5 Liter BPA Free Glass Cordless Electric Kettle, Black:

Ovente is a professional and famous kitchen appliances manufacturer in the world that always designs and makes creative home accessories. It brings an electric kettle with 1.5 liter capacity, cordless features and BPA free glass qualities. You can use this kettle to boil water for tea. This is the best alternative of stovetop kettles which are old fashioned and less efficient. However, this kettle is made of borosilicate glass with great heat absorbing and efficient to resist the cold. Its design is major thing that motivates every viewer at first glance. Secondly, this product is a wonderful for every office or home, as it boils water almost 85% efficiently and quickly than stovetop kettles available in the world.

You will experience a number of special features when you use it. First of all, it owns dry protection feature that is rare in most of electric kettles. Secondly, its handle will stay cool, even you are using it for last several hours. There are blue colored LED lights that will glitter during water boiling process. Users can wash the filter of kettle when they have used it and it promises to give you best and purest results. It is quite easy to fill it with water or pour out the boiled water. You can change its heat or temperature levels according to your needs. Furthermore, it comes with automatic shut off function that will power off it when water is boiled.


  • Borosilicate glass made
  • Appealing design and inspiring look
  • Blue LED lights for indicating water boiling and process finish
  • Automatic shut off features
  • Safer and faster than others
  • 1100 watts power needed at 110 volts to 120 volts
  • 85% more efficient than other products
  • Concealed heating element with stainless steel structure
  • Cool handle and very comfortable to use and serve
  • Boil dry protection
  • Anti-dip quality
  • Affordable etc.


  • Limited capacity and not fit for wide range uses
  • Default temperature setting
  • No additional options to heat the water
  • Not available in every market.

2) Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle:

Cuisinart CPK 17 is a perfect electric kettle with its smart features and excellent performance. It is also a cordless brand with 1.7 litter capacity to boil the water. It has been made with stainless steel that keeps the boiled water warm for several consecutive hours. It requires a power supply of 1500 watts for 110 volts, while it owns a perfect and latest concealed heating element for better performance. Customers want knowing new in this brand which the company claims are absolutely advance. Yes, it comes with 6 very friendly and excellent preset heat options you can use to change intensity or level of boiled water.

It also owns the blue LED indicating lights for showing status or level of boiling water. It has superb lid with detachable qualities and cool handle. There is a scale of measurement the water quantity in liter exactly behind the handle of kettle. Filter installed in this kettle can be removed easily and washed. With compare to other electric kettles famous in the world, this one is much expensive, because it owns endless features and many special specs that surprise the customers. It has a simple start push button, while the opening button is at the top of handle. In addition, the product has a function to keep the water warm up to 30 minutes.


  • 1500 watts per 110 volts power
  • Stainless steel and cordless
  • 7 liter capacity
  • Dry protection features
  • Concealed heating element
  • 6 heating settings
  • LED lights for indication
  • 30 minutes warm facility
  • Easy open and start
  • Blue backlit water window supported
  • Cool hand
  • Safer with auto shut off
  • Removable and washable filter etc.


  • More time required to boil maximum water quantity
  • Good, but very expensive
  • Where to find and buy it?

3) Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Silver:

Hamilton Beach once again comes with its a splendid brand Stainless Steel 40880 Electric Kettle that has a capacity of 1.7 liter water to boil. It is available in several colors, but the design, specs, features and performance of all colorful kettles are the same. There are dozens of qualities that make it extremely popular and useful for household and office use. First of all, it is the best in safety than a stovetop kettle and fastest than a microwave oven. You can use it for boiling water in different intensity levels. When you have boiled water, then you can make it cord free to serve on dining table.

Secondly, its handle is cool technology made that will never burn your hands when hold it. Similar to other electric kettles, it has also been supported with dry protection technology and automatic shut off when the water is completed boiled as per requirements. Minimum water quantity it can boil is 0.5 liter and the maximum is up to 1.7 liter. Concealed heating element makes it a strong and more reliable electric kettle for excellent services. Secondly, it is completely free of drip spout and you can adjust the temperature to warm as well as boil water within less timeframe. Its price is economical and easily affordable by every buyer.


  • 7 liter capacity
  • Great brand with an attractive design and compact look
  • User friendly functions and easy to use
  • Cool handle and easy to hold for serving
  • Boil dry protection
  • Anti-drip features
  • Faster and safer
  • Cord free serving features
  • Concealed heating element with great efficiency
  • Automatic shut off functions
  • Low priced product
  • 1500 watts for 120 volts etc.


  • Cheaper, but unavailable on most places
  • No temperature adjustment and preset
  • Standard or default setting only
  • Not enough efficient to warm the water
  • Much power consumption.

4) Hamilton Beach 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 40894:

This is also designed and manufactured by Hamilton Beach with latest technology. Brand code of this product is 40894 and it has almost all those specs, features and performance ability which previous model of Hamilton Beach has. It comes with 1.7 liter capacity and less time to boil water. It has a soft and heat free handle at the top, while design of kettle is round in shape. Secondly, it has a glass measurement at the back for reading water quantity. Lid is small, but airtight, while the nozzle is big to pour out boiled water. It also needs 1500 watts power to perform.

You can serve with the kettle without cord and there will be no drip spout when using it for boiling water. It is a reality that this Hamilton Beach product is faster in working than a microwave and safer than a traditional stovetop kettle. You can adjust the temperature by its control panel and also measure water quantity by viewing the levels. Small quantity of water will be boiled within less time and 1.7 liter water will be boiled in more time. It will be automatically shut off when water is completely boiled. Its price is not an issue, because you can easily afford it.


  • An elegant design and amazing look in round shape
  • Good handle with cool feeling and sound grip to serve
  • Easy to pour in and out
  • Cordless and more efficient
  • 7 liter capacity
  • Boil dry protection
  • Economical and cord free
  • Better to work and safer to use
  • 1500 watts power consumption
  • Drip-free technology
  • Concealed heating element
  • Auto shut off etc.


  • Little heavy to carry
  • No additional or self temperature setting
  • Everything is default, no personal choice
  • Limited in stock.

5) BELLA 14522 Cordless Electric Ceramic Kettle, 1.2L, White and Silver:

Although, Bella Ceramic Electric Kettle has low capacity for boiling water, but its design and look do not let the customers move ahead. This product comes with best features and glorious performance. It warms or heats up the water within few minutes and boiling intensity is greater than rest of electric kettles available for sale. It has been supported with boil dry protection technology and its handle will be cool during boiling and serving. Auto shut off will care your product during and after the use. Concealed heating element is powerful that boils water very quick. Cost of this cordless and ceramic electric kettle is suitable for every customer.

If you are willing to buy this product, then you must keep in mind few essential factors. First, many other companies will attract you by offering lower rates and other economical offers, but you need to focus on look, qualities, specs and performance. Furthermore, it is not much common and little hard to find it in the world. So, you should prefer those sellers that are completely affiliated with the Bella Corporation. It is a convenient and better product with 360 degree power based on cable storage. Its total capacity is 1.2 liters, while it takes few minutes to boil the water. You can use it in offices or homes.


  • Ceramic and cute design
  • A decent product with its fabulous features
  • 1200 watts needed to perform
  • Carefree due to auto shut off
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Lees time needed to boil water
  • 2 liter capacity to boil the water
  • Affordable for the customers
  • Cordless and also one touch operations
  • 360 degree power convenient based on cord storage
  • Boil dry protection
  • Concealed heating element etc.


  • Limited water capacity
  • Much expensive by power consumption
  • Not supported with multiple temperature settings
  • Hard to find it in the stock
  • No preset heat functions.

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