Today, everyone makes efforts to save time, especially when weather is intensive; hot summer and cold winter. In both seasons, you need more energy to cope with intensity of climate. Usually, people need natural beverages and drinks in hot summer, while they need protein, vitamins and nutrient rich diets in winter to keep their bodies warm. Rational women think sensibly and move to markets for buying the kitchen appliances that may help them to prepare the foods for warming body. An egg boiler is a simples steaming kitchen appliance that may boil several eggs from 1 to 8 within a short timeframe.

Basically, such egg steamers or boilers are smaller in sizes and lightweight to carry. You can place them anywhere to boil the eggs. Even in your sleeping room. All the egg boilers famous in the world have auto timer and preset heating or temperature functions that will alarm when the eggs are boiled. Secondly, these egg boilers are also capable to boil eggs soft, medium and hard which one you need. Today, many manufacturers have also designed and manufactured microwave egg boiler that is consider better and more comfortable to use for boiling eggs.

Why Are Egg Boilers Much Famous?

Today, egg boilers are extremely famous for their working, services and facilities in winter season. Further, you also need such type of kitchen appliance in daily use to make the eggs for breakfast. Sure, most of children and youngsters love boiled eggs and they always demand for them daily in breakfast. If you own the egg boilers, then sure you will be easy to boil a number of eggs within few minutes. Capacity of these boilers varies from brand to brand and type to type. It is up to you that which type of boiler you prefer to buy and with a small. medium or large capacity of boiling eggs. However, everyone of you must view temperature setting and power consumption of these brands before to buy them.

Egg Boilers & Daily Breakfast:

In fact, popularity of electric egg boiler is rapidly increasing among the people. Most of people around the world like eggs and they want boiled eggs in their routine breakfast. So, the needs of such kitchen appliances are quickly increasing. These egg boilers are very easy to use and set the temperature. While, you need directions and manual guides to use some of latest boilers available in the world for sale. You must prefer the electric egg boilers which are better in quality, performance and features than other manual or traditional gas based boilers.

Endless Features of Egg Boilers:

When you talk about an egg boiler machine, then you must target its features, specs, performance level and durability. Usually, most customers keep the price of these brands in their focus and rest of factors in next. They should never compromise over the quality, because this may harm the eggs when boiling and more probably these will also take enough power to boil eggs in more duration. Some digital touch and user friendly panel egg boilers are also available with their mini sizes, but greater capacity.

Top Rated Egg Boilers Available in Markets for Sale:

Now, there are hundreds of best quality and top rated egg boiling products in the markets you can buy for boiling eggs faster. Here, five outstanding egg boilers have been enlisted with complete reviews for your assistance.

1) VonShef 7-Egg Electric Cooker Stainless Steel with Poacher & Steamer Attachment:

It is one of world’s best egg boilers with maximum output and efficiency. Usually, this machine or cooker comes with a capacity of 7 eggs which you can boil in soft, medium and hard form. Secondly, it is an electric egg cooker or boiler along with steamer and poacher attachments that facilitate you boil more quantity of eggs within short course of time. It owns stainless steel made heating plate sin flat shape that are very easy to wash and clean after long term use. It is affordable for everyone who wants buying it for cold winter. Further, users will be able to use it easily within single touch.

In addition, this product is a versatile and sleek design cooker with its round shape that is high build quality. All operations of VonShef egg boiler are faster than rest of cookers available in this world. Secondly, this brand is safe and more comfortable to use, because it is supported with an automatic On/Off function that will be activated automatically after the end of time. It uses water to boil the eggs and when water is used completely, then auto function will turn off the machine. On the other side, it has some indicating LED lights for specific functions and working of boiler.


  • Easy to wash and attractive design
  • Stainless steel made plates for continuous heat emission
  • Fast and easy operation
  • High build quality
  • Capable to boil 7 eggs at a time
  • Auto turn off function makes it safe to use
  • Protection for over temperature
  • Keep fresh all boiled eggs
  • Indicating lights
  • Easy to add water
  • Good heat production
  • Portable and economical etc.


  • Cheap, but not easily available
  • Online stores have limited stock due to high demand
  • Formal functions with limited operations
  • More consumption of energy.

2) Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, Black:

This is a smart egg cooker with its superb heating plates and temperature control function. Usually, this machine is widely used in America and Europe where temperature remains below zero degree. You can use it to boil at least 6 eggs in single turn. While, its heating system make sit able to perform continuously. In general, this machine can keep the eggs warm and fresh for several hours. This product is a special one with single touch button that will make it On and Off as per requirements. On the other side, you can get boiled eggs in soft, hard and medium form, while poached, omelets and scrambled eggs can be attained by this boiler.

You can wash all the non electric parts of this small machine, while it is better and more consistent in working. You will get one year manufacturing warranty on this brand and a recipe book which will help you to boil eggs for many types of foods. Bottom of boiler has been made by the metal and heavy duty plastic, but the top or lid is made of glass. You can use it anytime for boiling eggs and it will come to rest when the eggs are boiled and time is off. This automatic power off option is safer and more reliable for busy moms who always need such functions.


  • Glass lid with airtight and heat preserving features
  • Easy to view water level and heat emission by glass lid
  • 6 eggs boiling capacity
  • Prepares eggs soft, medium and hard
  • Individual omelets, scrambled and poached eggs
  • Poaching tray with easy remove
  • Good heating producing plates made of stainless steel
  • Measuring cup for water
  • One year warranty
  • Recipe book and accessories
  • Easy to remove lid
  • Washable parts, just non electric
  • Auto turn off when eggs are boiled or water is used
  • Transportable and lightweight etc.


  • Good one, but single operation
  • More power consuming product
  • Not ideal durability
  • Hard to find everywhere.

3) KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator, 7-Eggs capacity, White:

This product has a versatile, friendly and very compact design along with its marvelous durability and performance. Usually, this Krups egg cooker or boiler is capable to boil 7 eggs in one turn and it is easy to use by a rotating knob that can also be used for adjusting time and setting temperature. It has been supported with 2 poaching trays that facilitate users to get 2 poached eggs and omelets. This egg cooker comes with its dual switch; boiling and warming the eggs. It also uses water to boil eggs and heating plates convert the water inside tray to steam and thus eggs are boiled quickly.

Audible indicator will alarm when cooking cycle is finished and eggs are boiled. Boiling quality depends upon the time you set and temperature you choose to boil the eggs. Company offers you 2 years manufacturing warranty on this product, while it has a water indicating function which will let you know if the water level for boiling eggs is low. Cool touch handle will help you to remove the lid and draw out the tray for getting hot boiled eggs out of the relevant tray. It uses 400 watts power by a cord and price of this machine is little high with compare to previous products in this list.


  • Compact and versatile design with easy to use look
  • 7 eggs capacity in same time
  • Dual switches; warm and boil eggs
  • Soft, medium and hard egg boiling
  • Auto shut off when eggs are boiled
  • Audible indicator
  • Water indication system
  • Egg piercing tool
  • 2 year warranty on the brand
  • 400 watts power needed
  • Portable and useful for consistent use etc.


  • Your electricity bill will be more by using this.
  • Unavailable in Asian and many European countries
  • Not supported with advance functions, just a formal cooker.

4) Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with Built-In Timer:

Hamilton Beach designs and manufacturers a very extraordinary egg boiler with latest Built-in Timer that makes it safer and better in working. Usually, this boiler has a capacity of 7 eggs to boil at a time. You can operate it easily with its only power button. It can prepare the eggs in soft, medium and hard forms which one you like to boil. It is supported with a poaching tray with a capacity of 3 non-stick eggs. Users will listen a tone when the eggs are boiled and time is ended. Additionally, the product has egg piercing tool and water measuring cup.

There are two cool touch handles with bottom area of cooker and a round handle it also on the top of glass made lid. The glass lid will never let heat emitting during boiling process. Further, you can use its automatic power option to confirm the eggs are boiled completely. Its auto shut off function will keep it safe for you and your family around the kitchen. Secondly, the product has also an audible indicator when water level is low or entire water is used by the cooker for boiling eggs. Price of this machine or cooker is not high and you can afford it. Finally, it is available around the world with its lightweight and easier portability.


  • Capacity is 7 eggs at a time
  • Glass lid for heat preserving and easy view
  • Poaching tray with three eggs non-stick
  • Time with tone to indicate eggs are boiled
  • Egg piercing tool
  • Water measuring cup
  • Economical and portable
  • Cool touch handles
  • Easy to remove lid and non electric parts for washing
  • Stainless steel plates for persistent heat production
  • Eggs in soft, medium and hard forms
  • Built-in timer and auto shut off function
  • LED light for power indication etc.


  • Less friendly and low durability
  • Challenge to find it in markets
  • Good price, but limited functions
  • No customize temperature adjustment.

5) Better Chef IM-470S Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker:

Operation of this egg boiler is simple, as you need to place the eggs from 1 to 7 at a time and then add the water, while pushing power button will start boiling process. This boiling cycle will depend upon the type or form of eggs you want like soft, medium and harder. Secondly, it owns an indicating light that lets you power of the machine and completion of boiling procedure. It owns a measuring cup along with marks to adjust quantity of water to produce heat by steaming process. Other than electric parts, everything of this cooker is washable and cleanable by water. Stainless steel base makes it more efficient to produce steam for boiling eggs.

It has cool touch tray, handles and lid made of the heavy duty glass. You can also view steaming and boiling through the lid. It has auto shut off function that will turn off the cooker when water inside the tray is consumed totally or eggs are ready to get out. You can adjust its temperature and time, while audible indicator will let you know eggs are ready or not. It is a portable device with its cute design and superb performance. You can place it on a table or kitchen for boiling maximum 7 eggs in single turn. While, on the other side it is cheaper and available everywhere. It would be better for you to buy it from online markets.


  • 7 eggs boiling capacity just in minutes
  • Simple to use it for quick egg boiling
  • Audible alert and compact design
  • Indicating lights
  • Auto turn off system will make it safe product
  • Stainless steel base for good heat
  • Excellent steaming system form water
  • Single touch function
  • Faster in working and best quality boiling
  • Portable and durable for users etc.


  • Nice one, but where to track it for buying
  • Not enough supported
  • No customized functions and heat setting
  • Default temperature setting only.

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