Needs to Use Slow Cooker in Kitchen:

There are countless cuisines in the world which represent the culture and traditional of various regions as well as their people. Today, food industry has become biggest, because of excessive interest of people in a variety of foods. Actually, there are a number of special recipes which you need to simmer on high flame and at higher temperature, while many of delicious recipes are also love din the world which are cooked on low flames and temperature. Now, best slow cookers are available that can help you to simmer a lot of recipes that require low temperature.

Sometime, women in kitchen do not pay much attention due to engagement with other household tasks at the time of lunch or dinner. So, they need the best rated slow cookers that can help them to cook a variety of foods they want making accurately. Undoubtedly, the slow cookers are playing a vital role in Fast Food Industry and modern restaurants for cooking world’s famous and delicious dishes. This kitchen appliance has four general parts; ceramic crock, glass lid with airtight feature, heater-housing made of heavy duty stainless steel and the system containing knobs and push buttons for setting temperature.

Features and Benefits of Slow Cooker for Your Cooking:

When you go to buy top quality kitchen appliances like cookers, then you must read best slow cookers reviews before to choose a product and buy. Many special recipes need enough time to cook and the lowest temperature, while these cannot be cooked on gas stove or high flame. So, the slow cookers are best for such dishes and you can use this cooker for simmering of food. Taste of recipes will never change when these are cooked in slow cookers. Slow cooker will also simmer the rice and many other soups very intelligently by adding rich taste and more deliciousness in them.

Learn Rightly How to Buy a Reliable Slow Cooker?

When you are going to buy this kitchen appliance, then obviously you must select the best slow cookers on the market. If you successfully reach to these cookers, then you will have to follow directions and select a right brand. Slow cookers are available in various sizes, capacities, intensity, functions and features. You must estimate your needs first and then look at all famous slow cookers. Here, you should read about these selected cookers and prefer one that is unbeatable in performance and matchless in features. You also need to look at prices of these brands prior to place the order.

Pot Material Quality and Performance of Slow Cooker:

Definitely, material quality and the performance of best small slow cookers really matter. You must be careful in buying slow cookers for your household needs. For this, you should prefer pure stainless steel slow cookers than alloy made and copper based cookers. Stainless steel is better in producing heat and steam by persistent rise in temperature. Secondly, buyers should also prefer a brand that is capable to cook and simmer a lot of recipes which you aim to cook inĀ  these cookers.

5 World’s Best Slow Cookers with Their Technical Specs and Features:

Finally, five very reliable best programmable slow cookers with their complete reviews have been enlisted below. These are most famous, in budget and high performing slow cookers with a lot of pros and cons.

1) Morphy Richards 48702 Accents Sear and Stew Slow Cooker-Red:

Morphy Richards has been an experienced and well reputed kitchen appliances manufacturer that mostly manufactures the products that may help the women in kitchen working. It makes Accent sear and the stew slow cooker. Basically, cooking or simmering is more comfortable and easier if you use such types of kitchen appliances. This brand comes with a code 48702 and glass lid that helps you to monitor the cooking. This slow cooker has sufficient cooking capacity up to 3.5 liter that serves almost 4-5 people. Its design is very cute and pot has been made with good quality metal. There are two cool handles to pick the cooker.

These handles are small in size and are completely heat resistant. By durability, this product is one of the most famous. Secondly, it also offers you easy portability and wash by getting out its aluminum cooking pot. You can use low, medium and high cooking settings which help you to cook a variety of recipes with great taste and deliciousness. Easy control assists you to adjust the temperature and cooking mode. It is known as the best slow cooker for the rice and some of vegetable soups. It is a famous brand that is being excessively used in Europe, especially in UK.



  • 5 liter capacity and capable to serve 3 to 4people
  • Slow cooking facility in the same pot
  • Durable, lightweight and portable
  • Three cooking settings; low medium and high
  • Toughened and transparent glass lid
  • Easy to view and monitor the cooking in pot
  • Stainless steel product with an attractive design and color
  • Adjustable temperature and cooking mode by a regulating knob
  • Removable pot for serving and cleaning
  • Cool touch handle for carrying it
  • Economical and international brand etc.


  • Limited capacity for cooking
  • Specific temperature functions
  • Power consuming brand
  • Availability in the world is an issue
  • Good for limited uses only.

2) Tefal RK302E15 8-in-1 Multi Cooker, Stainless Steel:

This is an all-rounder product for your kitchen, as it comes with 8 different functions just in single brand. You can use it for cooking and boiling a lot of recipes you daily like to eat and serve others. Further, this product is purely a stainless steel cooking brand with its great finish. It is a kitchen appliance with its dozens of recipe support and easy to cook. You need to adjust the temperature and a cooking setting and then leave it to process. It has a suitable capacity up to 10 cups or 2.2 liter. In addition, it has delayed in start as well as keep warm facility.

It comes with multiple features and latest specs that make it a high selling brand. Most of women rely on this, because of its different cooking and baking functions. Secondly, it helps you to cook rice, regular foods, special ingredients for crispy fast foods and delicious recipes with an endless taste. It is an electric product that works faster and almost it takes just 30-40 minutes for cooking many recipes. Price of this slow cooker is little high, but against it features and service this is not much high. You can buy it from worldwide online and traditional stores with long lasting warranty.


  • 8 best cooking options for cooking
  • Cooking adjustability and function preset
  • Easy to use and control
  • Stainless steel made with a superb finish
  • Multiple cooker for a variety of dishes and regular recipes
  • Capacity 2.2 liter and 10 cups
  • Auto keep warm facility
  • Delayed start
  • LED lights for indicating
  • Digital meter for display etc.


  • Little costly
  • No glass lid and no view of cooking
  • Plastic handle and not easy to serve
  • Very limited capacity.

3) Breville VTP105 Black 4.5 L Slow Cooker:

Breville is an excellent slow cooker in black color that makes it dashing and an article for decoration. It facilitates users to cook dozens of recipes in a slow mode with great taste. It is extremely famous and common for its cooking capacity, various modes and adjustable setting by a main control. This slow cooker is capable to cook 4.5 liter with superb taste. It is an electric device with its glass lid that is airtight. You can monitor your recipe in progress by the top end through glass lid. There are two cool handles for carrying it and pouring out the food after cooking.

Breville VTP 105 has been loaded with three general cooking settings including low, high and the auto cook. Ceramic bowl inside the slow cooker is removable and this can be separated for serving foods on the table. Easy control for users to set the temperature and cooking setting. Price of this product is very low and you can easily afford it. Anyway, its performance is main point that catches attention of the customers. However, it is not easily available everywhere, because shipping is an issue for most of sellers and distributors. Finally, the recipes you can simmer in it are soups, stews, curries, casseroles and many others.


  • Black colored and nicely finish brand
  • 5 liter capacity
  • Easy to regulate
  • Volume control for heat adjustment
  • 200 watts power
  • 3 cooking settings
  • Glass lid and easy to remove
  • Portable and removable pot
  • 2 year warranty
  • Slow cooker with cool touch handles
  • Useful and supportive for a variety of the foods and recipes
  • Average priced etc.


  • Unavailable outside Europe
  • Power consumption
  • Good capacity, but default temperature setting only
  • Formal cooking options
  • Limited warranty.

4) Crock-Pot Digital Countdown Slow Cooker, 4.7 Litre-Gloss Black:

Crock Pot Digital Countdown is a very amazing slow cooker in gloss black color. Its technical specs and cooking features are many in number that attract the buyers. First of all, it has a capacity up to 4.7 liter that is suitable for at least f or more people. Secondly, it has cool touch handles for carrying it during the cooking. Stainless steel ceramic pot is inside the metallic slow cooker that can be removed for serving on table as well as for washing. Users can use its programmable countdown timer that will help you to set a required time for cooking that will also from 30 minutes minimum to 20 hours maximum.

Automatic keep warm function, two cooking settings like low and high are also the part of this kitchen appliance. It has glass lid and rinse clean coating stoneware pot that is very easy to wash and clean. Every buyer will get 2 years limited warranty, while its durability and performance will be long lasting. This kitchen appliance can cook dozens of regular and special recipes in which the soups and rice are more important. Temperature and time adjustable functions for cooking various dishes. It is very popular kitchen appliance of UK, however it is now used in America and several Asian countries.


  • Removable stainless steel ceramic pot
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • 2 cooking setting
  • Programmable timer
  • Minimum time 30 minutes and maximum 20 hours
  • 7 liter capacity for 5 people
  • Two years warranty
  • Glass lid for cooking monitor
  • Cool touch handles to carry
  • Easy to use for direct serving
  • Much power needed
  • Coating lid and handle at top etc.


  • More power needed and unavailable in Asia and other regions
  • Limited warranty and cooking setting
  • Not useful for more number of recipes
  • Expensive product.

5) Russell Hobbs 19790 Slow Cooker, 3.5 L-Stainless Steel Silver:

Foods cooked slow than regular methods are more delicious and tastier. Russell Hobbs 19790 slow cooker is one of the most advance kitchen appliances that are famous in the world. This product has been made stainless steel, silver and glass. Its lid is airtight and made of glass that helps you to monitor the food cooking. This slow cooker is very easy and convenient to cook the food at low or high temperature. Bowl capacity of the cooker is 3.5 liter, while it offers you cooking foods in 4 to 5 portions. There are three main cooking heat settings; low, high and keeping warm option.

It works on 200 watts power via an electric cable. Glass viewing lid with airtight function and easy to wash and clean the heating pot. It has two cool touch handles for carrying the cooker from fire. Pot is also removable for serving on the dining table. If you are seeking for it to buy, then you should prefer online market where larger variety of slow cooker is available for sale. It is also adjustable for setting various temperature. While, this cooker offers you cooking many recipes and a variety of the soups. It is easily available in Europe and America at fixed price.


  • Good for the slow cooking
  • 3 year warranty
  • Cooking pot with easy removable feature
  • Easy gripping handle with cool touch
  • 3 heating systems
  • Goo for large sized kitchen and uses
  • Glass lid and stainless steel body in good finish
  • Washable product
  • 200 watts power supply via electric cord
  • Inexpensive product
  • Multiple uses and a variety of dishes can be cooked etc.


  • Missing form online stock
  • Available in Europe and America only
  • Limited features and specs
  • extra power consumption
  • Not easy to adjust temperature and time.

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