Toaster oven is one of the Western kitchen appliances which the people always use at home for making toasts and many other fast food items. Nowadays, Decker toaster oven is much famous for its multiple uses, latest heating technology and wonderful working. You can buy this kitchen appliance in few colors, different sizes and capacities. However, the Black and Decker Toaster Oven is greatly popular for its inspiring performance and eye catching design. You can use this toaster oven for making toasts, heating them and making fresh whenever you need. You can save your money and time by purchasing this Decker toaster oven with its multiple features you actually are seeking for.

Health Breakfast with Best Decker Toaster:

Habit of eating healthy food will surely lead a sound and attractive health. Recently, several worldwide popular companies have launched black and Decker 4 slice toaster oven with latest technology. All of these toaster oven brands have different capacities and slices. This type of toaster oven always offers you a healthy breakfast with freshness and great taste. There are dozens of types of toaster oven that are used worldwide to toast the slices of bread and then kept warmed to serve on dining table. Some of these are completely convection brands that are better in performance and energy efficient. Most of such toaster oven need DC power supply to perform well.

Directions for Buyers to Shop Decker Toaster:

Do you want purchasing black and Decker convection toaster oven? If you are going to shop this kitchen appliance, then for this you should follow few guidelines that will make you sure which product is suitable for your household uses. In these guidelines, first you must select a company which you believe is the best to manufacture toaster oven. Secondly, you have to selected few brands of same of multiple manufacturers that will give you a choice to select bets one and reject forgo others. This is most compulsory for you to keep focused on quality, material, technical hardware, circuit, functions, performance and durability. However, price is another factor to be considered deeply in buying toaster oven.

Unique Way of Tracking Right Brand:

At the moment, black and Decker spacemaker toaster oven is much famous in the world, because it carries a number of features and special specs which the customers around the world demand for. Secondly, when you have issues and obstacle sin tracking the toaster oven stock in a market near to you, then you can use internet that is the best source of information. Here, you can track world’s leading toaster oven makers and their top rated products at competitive rates. You can also compare a variety of toaster ovens with each other to find a best and then purchase it via online shopping.

Access the Best & Enjoy Performance:

Guaranteed performance and technical warranty both leave the customers satisfied. So, you should prefer both these when buying toaster oven. Suppose you are willing to shop a black and Decker toaster oven manual, then you need to access a right brand which you can use and make healthy breakfast. Secondly, here you have to follow conventional and rational customer guide that will be useful for you. When you access a right product, then you will definitely enjoy its performance.

Best Black & Decker Toaster Oven List with Reviews, Pros and Cons:

Finally, you have to look and read the black and Decker toaster oven reviews that will lead you to a huge stock of your desired products. In this section you will come to know complete technical detail, features and performance of these five enlisted brands.

1) BLACK+DECKER CTO6335S Stainless Steel Countertop Convection Oven:

Black Decker CTO6335S is a powerful, attractive and stainless steel convection oven in silver color that has an extra large digital display for functions you use. It owns single touch function to operate it and get warm as well as fresh food within 2 minutes. The product has been launched in different designs and logos which the company have given this series according to the models and manufacturing year. Its outer and inner dimensions are different, while the brand is supported with a 22 inches lengthy electric cord to supply the power. It has a portable tray that is suitable for 12 inches pizza.

Outside the product, there is a bump exactly in the center and at the back of toaster. Removable crump tray give sit a new look and very inspiring performance for making pizza. It will need 120 minutes to cook the Casserole, while interior of the oven is little curvy and deep. Furthermore, this product is excellent for a variety of foods you want cooking, baking, frying or just warming for fresh serve. Secondly, if you have the frozen snacks, then you can also cook and warm them for serving just in a couple of minutes. Users are able to set the time and temperature for their various recipes.


  • Different logo designs
  • Bigger digital display to see the time, temperature and other functions
  • Single touch preset function
  • 22 inches cord for power supply
  • Different outer and internal dimensions
  • There is a bump in mid of the device
  • Best for 12 inches pizza or casserole
  • Removable crump tray
  • 120 minutes timer
  • Different temperature options
  • Broiling rack
  • Extra deep internal curve
  • Not expensive etc.


  • Need guide to use it, not simple
  • Little high price
  • Not available in several regions and countries
  • Limited fast food recipes.

2) BLACK+DECKER TO1303SB 4-Slice Toaster Oven:

This oven is a wonderful piece of latest technology designed and made by Black Decker. First of all, it is supported for 4 slice and multiple cooking options which you will not get in single brand. Secondly, this device is very cheap, but you should never consider it lack of performance and deficient, because it meets all of your kitchen needs. In general, company has loaded dozens of special features and specs in this model to make it extraordinary and little special for the customers. It also comes with different logo designs and model numbers. You will get a broil rack, exclusive toast technology and bake pan with this kitchen appliance.

However, it offers just 9 inches pizza to cook and warm, while it is time and energy efficient, because you can prepare the pizza just in a time of 30 minutes. When you cook, bake, roast or broil the foods, then you will access stay-on function to get a tastier recipe. It offers you 2 year warranty on whole product. You should never get confused about its performance and working, because it has been supported with latest technology. Secondly, the whole oven is equipped with 3 main regulators for temperature, cooking type and stay-on functioning. Removable crump tray will help you to get out food after cooking or just warming.


  • Same brand with different logos
  • Exclusive Toast Technology
  • Broil rack included
  • Bake pan for baking various foods
  • Suitable for 9 inches pizza
  • Stay-on function
  • Removable crump tray
  • 30 minutes timer
  • Various temperature controls
  • 2 year warranty
  • Cheaper and available in most of global markets
  • Multi features and best for luxurious kitchens etc.


  • Not easily portable due to heavy weight
  • Not expensive, but hard to find in stock
  • No final buzzer
  • Less space or capacity for fast foods.

3) BLACK+DECKER TO3280SSD Convection Toaster Oven:

This one is a Platinum convection toaster oven with a series of qualities, inspiring specs and guaranteed performance you always expect. Black Decker collected much fame and attention among the customers around the world for its cute designs, user friendly functions, easy to operate products and convection technology. That is why; it has been leading global industries by introducing its very efficient devices and kitchen appliances. Product comes with some casual, ordinary and few special functions that attract everyone. It overall has 6 different functions; roast, broil, cook, bake, warm, fry and toasting. Rack positions inside the device are very formal and you can easily drag out the tray

On the other side, it also owns an external crump tray, while digital controls will make you aware of temperature you have selected and the time you have set on the oven. In Europe and America this is an extremely popular toaster oven with stunning features. You can place it anywhere in the kitchen and its performance will be stable, even it is several years old. It also helps you to roast, fry and broil a number of fast food recipes you and your family like a lot. In the end, you will be surprised by its cost that is not high as you are thinking. Its market price is just $91.75 which you can easily afford.


  • Platinum made and wonderful design
  • Good looking with average size
  • Digital controls
  • Digital display
  • Convection technology
  • 6 functions for a variety of foods
  • Multiple rack positions
  • External crump tray for foods
  • Little high price, but not too much
  • Easy power On/Off etc.


  • Expensive with compare to other products of various firms
  • Little complicated to operate
  • Not user friendly interface
  • Unavailable in most of formal markets
  • Complex temperature preset.

4) Black & Decker TRO490B 1200-Watt 4-Slice Countertop Oven and Broiler with Removable Crumb Tray:

Basically, Black and Decker TRO490B is an oven as well as a broiler that consumes just 30 minutes to bake, cook and broil the foods. Secondly, it also uses 1200 watts power through a thick and round electric cord with a suitable length. Inside the oven, there is a crump removable tray on which you can place your foods and recipes for cooking as well as for warming. It is best toaster oven for baking, broiling and cooking pizza. Company has loaded it with stay-on function, extra deeper curve interior that offers you 4 slices of the toast, casserole and a medium sized pizza.

Most of women always get worried and fed up with cleaning process of such sensitive products. But, they should never get worried anymore about its cleaning, because dishwasher-safer accessories are extremely easy to wash and clean. You can also get all internal parts of this toaster oven and then clean them. It has 2 year warranty, while it owns three big regulating volumes specified for different functions. The top volume or regulator is for setting temperature and the second volume is for cooking functions you want choosing and the last is toast and time. Last volume has an additional function of stay-on which you can use when cooking, broiling, baking and roasting the foods.


  • Heavy duty broiler and oven
  • 1200 watts power supply
  • Length electric cord
  • Cooking functions including cook, broil, bake, roast, toast and warm
  • Toast shade control
  • Different temperature controls
  • Larger deep curved interior
  • 4 slices
  • Medium pizza and casserole
  • 30 minutes timer
  • Stay-on function and signal bell after ending time
  • Removable crump tray
  • 2 year warranty
  • Average priced
  • 3 volumes or controls for preset functions etc.


  • Double price of previous brand
  • Short in stock
  • Low capacity for the fast food recipes
  • Not energy efficient.

5) BLACK+DECKER TR1278B 2-Slice Toaster:

It is an ordinary toaster that offers you just toasting the toast for your healthy breakfast. The device you are reading about is made of good finish stainless steel and heavy duty plastic. It is completely a manual product with self adjusting guide you have to follow for toasting your breakfast toasts. Further, it has an inspiring design and very friendly shape which you can keep ion you small as well as big kitchen. Company has loaded it with seven different toast shades controls you can get according to your desires and needs. You will get it just in $18.48 that is record lower price of such quality of toaster in the market.

If you look at its main functions, then you will see cancel, frozen and bagel controls. It has extra wide slots for you to get bigger toasts with 100% cooked or baked forms and excellent taste. There is a function of extra lift for easier removal and it works on DC power supply through a cord. You can toast 2 slice at a time and its performance is extremely well than other formal and new toasters available for sale. Product has also a simple push power button in the mid of 7 toast shades selector. Finally, it is completely portable and average weight, while it occupies little space in your kitchen.


  • Appealing design and tower look
  • Stainless steel and black plastic made
  • Various logo for same product
  • Cheapest toaster by this company
  • 7 toast shades control
  • 2 slices product
  • Frozen, bagel and cancel controls
  • Wider slots and self adjusting guide
  • Extra lift for simple and easy removal
  • Portable product etc.


  • Missing from Asian, African and Middle East markets
  • Limited functions with manual adjustment
  • Need help to understand how it works.

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