Hamilton Corporation is a universal electrical and electronic appliances company with its stunning and innovative products. Every year, it designs and manufactures thousands of various kitchen appliances that facilitate users in kitchen working. Sure, you will need a high speed and excellent performing Hamilton Beach Blender that may assist you to blend a number of ingredients used in various recipes. When you are looking for some marvelous blenders based on DC electricity, then nothing is best in the world except Hamilton brands. This company also offers you superb and guaranteed performance Hamilton beach hand blender with user friendly interface and functions.

Inspiring Design and Performance:

In early days, there had been a limited competition among producers and companies. But, today international trade has removed all barriers in business. You can buy the best products from all over the world through online purchasing. Secondly, there are many questions about Hamilton beach stay or go blender that why the brands of this company are extremely attractive and famous. However, the sales pitch of Hamilton is also leading in the world. Almost 58% women in the world love to creative and appealing designed blenders. Secondly; almost 100% customers around the world demand for high quality and superb performing beach blenders at competitive rates. So, Hamilton is one that gives all and that is why; it is rapidly growing among customers.

Follow Instructions to Target Right Products:

If anyone of you is moving out or sitting on internet to buy Hamilton beach smoothie blender, then there are some compulsory things he/she must keep in mind. First of all, you need a best buying guide even you are rational and well experienced in such type of purchasing. Secondly, you must avoid attractive offers like get 50% off and free home delivery services etc. All such offers will compel you to remove your attention from essential factors. You obviously need to check and confirm quality, working, durability, performance, price and warranty when buying Hamilton beach blenders. These factors are more important for a buyer than focusing on price, concession and other economical offers.

Things You Must Avoid:

There are always two types of things for the assistance of buyers. First, they should follow several essential things and they must step forward exactly in the same way as said in directions. Secondly, the buyers must avoid several things and factors, because these are just trapping statements and inspiring logics of various companies or sellers. Today, most of competitors in the world attract buyers by offering them big cut off on famous beach blenders. You should never get deceived by such type of offers, however you must focus on quality and performance of Hamilton beach personal blender. There are very small number of firms and manufacturers that compete with Hamilton brands.

Things You Should Prefer:

Quality, durability, affordability, performance, outcome, friendly operations and multiple general specs are major things you should prefer always when buying Hamilton beach blender. These factors and Hamilton beach blender reviews will never let you down, because Hamilton is a well known for quality and it believes that satisfaction of customers is more valuable than its popularity and sales. So, you must compare Hamilton blenders with others in markets when someone compels you to buy new one.

Best 5 Hamilton Beach Blender with Complete Pros & Cons:

Hamilton Corporation introduces its five best and fabulous brands with many of features in the world. You can read reviews of these products and buy by reading pros and cons these small kitchen appliances own.

1) Hamilton Beach 51101R Single-Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Red:

Hamilton Beach Blender 51101R is a single serve brand in form of a glass jar. It is one of the most famous blenders manufactured by Hamilton that have very simple and one step operation. Secondly, it is much attractive in look and easily portable. Further, the company has added energy and cost efficiency properties. Most of moms like and buy this beach blender by Hamilton as a traveling cup. Sure, you can drink the juices, shakes and smoothies in this glass jar similar to a big cup. However, the glass jar is thicker in density and more durable.

Rational customers always search for such products to confirm whether these own BPA (Biphenol A) or not. There is a good news for you that Hamilton Beach Blender 51101R Single Serve is free of BPA and you can prepare the juices or shakes up to 400 ml or more, because glass jar of the product is more capable. It owns a small, but extremely efficient and powerful motor that pushes the reamer so faster that it can blend the smoothies, shakes and baby formula within least timeframe. Secondly, it uses just 175 watts power to give a stunning performance. You will be able to blend the vegetables, fruits and other formulas to make shakes or juices very easily and just in single touch.


  • Easily portable and bets for small kitchens and homes
  • Compact and appealing design
  • Best for making a variety of drinks with one touch blending process
  • Extremely low priced product
  • A blender as well as a traveling cup to drink juices and shakes
  • 175 watts power
  • Fast and best performance
  • BPA free in all food areas
  • Greater capacity for liquids
  • Powerful and completely airtight plastic lid
  • Fast, good and reliable blending etc.


  • Smaller in size and not suitable for big families
  • Limited uses and functions
  • No advance options for blending more drinks
  • Lightweight and not surely durable.

2) Hamilton Beach 56206 Smoothie Smart Blender:

When you talk about the stylish look, marvelous performance, excellent working and endless features of some beach blenders, then definitely Hamilton innovative beach 56206 will be a top rated brand. This one comes with a number of stunning features and superb performance which are highly demanded from the customers. Hamilton is also very famous for innovative designs and long lasting durable electronics in which juicers, beach blender and other kitchen appliances are more famous. Anyway, you will observe Beach 56206 Smoothie Smart Blender the best to crush pieces of ice and other harder things.

It has few options for users like mix milkshake, smoothies, ice crushing and other general functions. You need to press just start button that will rotate reamer faster and blades inside the glass jar will move extremely fast and everything inside the jar will be converted into liquids like smoothies and shakes. It has a plastic made, but airtight and there will be no leakage of juices and smoothies. Further, the company has done an excellent job by making this superb brand with its creative, innovative and compact design that draws attention of everyone at first glance. You can afford it easily, as this portable product will charge you just $30.


  • USA made and imported brand
  • Thickest glass jar with a airtight plastic lid
  • Heavy duty and more durable
  • Little heavy in weight
  • Ice Sabre Blades
  • High speed reamer
  • Economical product
  • Multiple functions for smoothies, icy juices, blending, mixing, milkshakes and ice crushing
  • Peak power up to 700 watts through an electric cable
  • Unique and innovative design
  • One touch smoothie and mixing etc.


  • Issues to transport it, because it is heavy
  • Puzzling options for different drinks and processing
  • Unavailable in most regions
  • Limited in stock on web based stores.

3) Hamilton Beach 51108 Stainless Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid:

This product of Hamilton Corporation is extremely common and attractive for its stainless steel jug or jar along with heavy duty, thickest and most powerful blades. The stainless steel jar can keep your drinks healthy and cool for several minutes, while the powerful blades are much capable to crush the ice. You can use this brand for multiple types of shakes and juices. It is very simple to blend the vegetables, fruits and other things for extraction of beverages in a natural taste and health features. It suits all kinds of juices and smoothies, because its blades are extraordinary and extremely fast in rotating.

Lid on the stainless steel jar is made of heavy duty plastic that is completely airtight and there will be no jerks during continuous blending process. Product has been supported with a cord that has a plug at one end and you can use DC power supply to run it. Pulse button is the power option and it is the blending function also. You need to press only pulse and blending will be started and everything you want blending will be within a couple of minutes. It is the best beach blender by Hamilton that will fill out needs of your kitchen. Further, this product comes with 1 to 2 years warranty.


  • More powerful reamer and blades
  • Stainless steel jar with stronger body
  • Single button to operate it
  • Multiple uses like smoothies, shakes, ice crushing, icy drinks and many more
  • Blending in a great speed
  • Extraordinary blades and reamer
  • Drink the juices and shakes in the same jar
  • Blending will start just one touch
  • Portable and less space needed
  • USA made and imported quality beach blender
  • Warranty up to 1 year etc.


  • Available in America, Australia and Europe, but not in Asia and Africa
  • Single button and no speed control
  • Simplest product with limited functions
  • Just a blending device and nothing else.

4) Hamilton Beach 59765 2 Speed Hand Blender:

When you look at the picture or design of this special blender by Hamilton, then you will see it as an all-rounder. Basically, this product is a hand blender which you can use without any power supply. Secondly, it offers you help for a variety of kitchen tasks like chopping, puree, whip, blending and mixing ingredients of the recipes. It has also a power option, because it has been supported with 225 watts electric motor. All the parts of this product except electric motor are easier to wash and clean with water. Customers will get a user manual, chopping bowl, blending wand and whisk.

In addition, the brand can be used for a number of things, grinding, blending and mixing. Usually, women in developed areas always use this kind of beach blenders to complete their kitchen jobs faster and in a better way. You will get this brand in a smart price that is only $21 and sure this is like the pocket money of a school boy. Hamilton also offers you 1 year warranty on whole product and 2 year warranty on electric motor. Finally, it is available in most of the countries across the world. All the hardware and technical parts of product are heavy duty, made of best material and its performance is more than expectations.


  • Bowl for right and easy chopping
  • Single product for a variety of kitchen jobs like puree, whip, mix, chop, blend and grind
  • Chopping bowl, whisk and blending wand
  • Safer attachments and accessories
  • Easy to move and bets for the kitchen uses
  • No noise when working with it
  • Simple to control
  • USA made brand
  • Electric motor that consumes 225 watts power
  • Appealing design and comfortable use
  • Transportable and economical etc.


  • Difficulties to track it in stores and kitchen appliances shops; both in formal and online
  • Less capacity for ingredient mixing and chopping
  • Not durable bowl, as made of plastic
  • Good for limited uses only.

5) Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel:

This one is completely imported brand made and introduced by Hamilton Corporation. Company had to struggle for several months to design and manufacture this class stand mixer that got popularity just a month around the world. There are many features, specs and casual aspects that played a key part to make this product universally famous. It comes to markets with dozens of special features and guaranteed performance which the other brands do not offer. First of all, it is USA made product with 2 year warranty. Secondly, entire brand has been made with stainless steel and powerful plastic.

Product’s shape looks like an iron, but its handle is big and there are main functions of mixing and blending at the top of handle. It is famous for its maximum speed up to 6, quickest mixing that is double than casual mixers and excellent blending capability. Its speed will vary when you push the speed button from zero to 6 that means it offers you 6 different speeds. While, the device is supported with quick burst button, stir bowl and shift. It needs just 290 watts power through a cord or electric cable that will make mixing process very easy and fast.


  • Stainless steel and plastic made
  • Prepared in USA with imported quality material
  • Stainless steel bowl is up to 4 qt.
  • Quicker burst button and 6 speed options
  • TM bowl rest mixing stabilizer
  • Double mixing capability than usual mixer
  • Easy to hold and manage mixing or blending process
  • Stir bowl and shift
  • Versatile design and very unique look
  • Set of formal beaters, dough hooks, whisk, brushed or good finished stainless steel
  • Affordable and portable etc.


  • Its availability is a problem for people in many countries.
  • Frequent jerks during high speed mixing
  • Not easy to keep grip on the handle when mixing a huge quantity
  • Limited functions and the uses.

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