The fast food you eat from restaurants and markets is not healthy for you, as it carries excessive amount of minerals, nutrients and proteins that will surely increase your body size. Further, most of people avoid the intake of fast foods that may cause rapid gain in their body weight. However, today ongoing development in technology introduces a variety of kitchen appliances that will help you to cook some kinds of foods with hot air than oil, deep fry or some other ways. Air Fryer is the best one for your kitchen and family. You must go through Air Fryer Reviews before to select a right brand that may deliver what you are seeking for.

Features That Make It Popular:

Air Fryer is getting much popular among the people across the world, however it is a well known kitchen appliance in developed countries. At the moment, Philips kitchen appliances are much famous for this unique designs, user friendly functions and better performance. You must bring the Philips air fryer reviews into your account prior to choose any of home appliance for your home. Most of air fryers are well known for their display, auto run, automatic shut down after set time and crispy foods within a limited course of time. These are lightweight, portable and easier to clean after use.

Advance Specs of the Products:

Today, there are hundreds of air fryer manufacturers around the world that make and sell fabulous products with advance specs, features and guaranteed performance. Most of customers get confused in buying such brands when there are many makers with their Five Star products. Here, you must set a comparison among top 5 or 10 brands and then go through best air fryer reviews that will surely help you to find and buy a brand which you in fact want. All these brands are almost available in different colors, various designs, easy handles, very casual functions to operate and many more which you can use to cook crispy, crunchy and healthy food at home.

Why Should You Read Product Reviews?

It is often questioned that why customers need to read precise and detailed Tefal air fryer reviews, while they have good experience to shop such kitchen appliances. The answer is very logical and motivating. Simply, buying phenomenon will be complicated and risky if the numbers of manufacturers and products are greater in number in the stock. You will find every brand outstanding, extraordinary and marvelous in performance, but still you need a best that will deliver you 100% performance. When you read the product review for each model or brand, then you will be completely familiar with functions, performance, specs and features a product owns. Thus, you will track and buy a reliable kitchen appliance for your home.

Best Ways to Shop Such Brands:

In fact, cooking food by hot air pressure is better and more useful for those who are forbidden to eat foods cooked in oil and other cooking ingredients. When you buy an air fryer, then you must read hot air fryer reviews, especially endless uses and note how many types of recipes it can cook. Anyway, there are several ways to buy this kitchen appliance in which buy from conventional markets and online purchasing are two famous ways. Trends to buy this product via web based shopping is time and cost efficient, while buyers will get their orders at their door steps within a couple of days.

Five Best Air Fryer Ever with Competitive Prices & Endless Qualities:

Air fryer is a very significant kitchen appliance that cooks a variety of foods by a hot air around the foods you want cooking. You can cook fish, potato chips, fried chicken, pastries, vegetable recipes and some kinds of chicken as well as beef or mutton fast foods. Now, you will read 5 star chef air fryer reviews of different brands available for sale in global markets.

1) Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology:

Philips HD 9230/26 is a latest innovation that comes with a variety of facilities. While, this product has been designed and made by Philips Corporation and it has been manufactured with Rapid Air Technology that gives an endless grace and performance to the brand. In general, device has total HD functions, display screen to view the power, temperature and other functions. You do not need to push button, because all the playing buttons are touch and easy to operate. Although price of this brand is high than rest of air fryers available in market, but its functions and performance both are claimed better than others.

Philips HD 9230/26 offers you to cook a number of foods within less timeframe. Secondly, it is also a power efficient brand with its high speed working, excellent performance and tastier foods you cook in this fryer. Users can operate its temperature touch button to adjust the heat or temperature for cooking will range from zero degree to 390 degrees. It has been loaded with 60 minutes cooking time along with auto shut off when the recipe is ready and effective signals to cook the foods with intensive hot air. There will be better and more cooking surface due to double layer rack installed by company. Furthermore, some pros and cons of this brand are;


  • Excellent and extremely appealing design
  • Wonderful shape like a small basket with black color
  • Digital and easy touch screen interface for easier use
  • User friendly product
  • Simple and few functions that do not confuse users
  • Temperate ranges from zero to 390 degrees
  • It allows you to cook dozens of fast food and casual recipes
  • Safe and recommended by health organizations
  • Air in intensive hotness around the food will cook it
  • Ready signals with 60 minutes time and automatic power off
  • Double layer rack to boost cooking surface
  • Very easy to wash and clean
  • 8 lb weight and portable
  • Play and Pause options etc.


  • Little expensive
  • It seems bit hard to find it in some markets
  • No manual function
  • Limited capacity of foods to cook.

2) GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer:

Go-Wise USA GW22621 is a fantastic brand of 4th generation with its high capacity working and heavy duty features. This product has been designed and made in USA along with dozens of eye catching specs and features. You will get it in two adjustable and detachable parts which will facilitate you to wash and clean it very easily. Company has used Touch Screen Technology and Button Guard to make it extremely useful for the users. If you are willing to buy this type of latest air fryer, then you must know several important factors and qualities of this product.

There are several recipes and foods you can easily cook in this product by following a guide given by company with this air fryer. In next, it comes with multi cooking options, 4 in one including Grill, Bake, Fry and Roast. So, you will get a variety of cooking options if you choose this very intelligent and all-round performance air fryer. Secondly, it owns a manual program to adjust temperature and hot air flow to cook a variety of foods just in 30 minutes. While, it will allow you to set temperature from 175 F to 400 F. It keeps the food spare of calories gained by cooking oils in case of deep fry.


  • USA made and ELC certified brand
  • Free of calories and dunking oil
  • No or little oil needed
  • Multi cooking options; Grill, Roast, Bake and Fry
  • Manual program for temperature and time setting
  • Crispy and tasty foods
  • A number of recipes can be cooked in this brand
  • Temperature ranges 175 degree F to 400 degree F
  • 30 Minutes cooking time
  • Tension free cooking with auto off when time is over
  • Standby mode and easy to use features
  • Taste of recipes will be awesome
  • Very easy to wash and clean etc.


  • It seems a traditional device
  • Not available throughout the world except America, Australia and Europe
  • Always limited in stock on web based stores
  • Capacity is not enough as demanded.

3) T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy Dishwasher Safe Multi-Cooker:

Acti-Fry is another famous brand that brings dozens of special functions, programs and features for the people who hunt for such kitchen appliances. In these days, you will never see such type of a brand that keeps you healthy by cooking calories free foods with an endless taste and countless health features. Further, the brand is just 2.2 lbs with more capacity to cook foods. It is also a multi-cooker with low fats. Company has tagged this brand with very special qualities like little to no cooking oil in vegetables, meat, seafood and risotto foods you want cooking. Sometime, women prepare the fast food and tasty recipes at home, but they cannot control limits of calories.

But, here you will achieve all of your cooking goals along with healthy foods and low calories. In addition, Acti-Fry is also an enormous innovation that is very easy to clean and simple to operate. It offers you 1 year warranty, while it is made by high quality and heavy duty plastic. It is a French product with its tasty, versatility and healthy features. You can carry it and bring with you anywhere, as it is transportable. There is a button to power On/Off and glass made lid will display what is cooking process inside the bowl of this air fryer. This is very best to cook rice, fry the potato chips, roast the fish and other meats.


  • Made in France with latest technology
  • Multi cooking options
  • Cute design and big in size, 2.2 liter capacity
  • Best for a variety of meals
  • 2 buttons for easy operations
  • Simple to clean
  • Little to no oil cooking features
  • Buzzer at the end of cooking time
  • 38 recipes supported air fryer
  • Plastic made and a glass lid on the brand etc.


  • Unavailable in most of countries
  • Sure, expensive one
  • Functions are limited
  • Big burden to electricity bill; 1400 watts
  • Plastic material.

4) BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer:

If you have a casual look at Decker HF110 SBD, then you will never conclude whether it is a coffee maker, sandwich maker or an air fryer. Yes, its design confuses everyone in first glance. However, this brand is made with high quality plastic and stainless steel that make it more powerful and everlasting product. When you start counting what features and specs it owns, then obviously there will be a lot of, almost exceeding your counted qualities. It is oil free brand with a capacity of 2 liter purifying and best hot air emitting structure. It owns a powerful convection system contains of two fans with extra capacity of producing heat.

It has a standard timer up to 60 minute and machine will come to rest when the time is over and your recipe is ready. Users can use a variety of temperature ranges from 175 F to 400 degree F, however temperature control will vary with respect to the nature of recipe you want cooking in hot air. It also has the indicator lights to mention temperature and end time. It works on grounds of no oil or very little is required to cook the recipes. However, you can cook almost 8-9 chicken wings in single turn, while its total capacity is 2 liter. It comes with two general volumes; first one or upper is for the time setting and second is for temperature adjustment.


  • Stainless steel made and powerful product
  • 2 Convection fans for heat production
  • 2 Volumes for time and temperature setting
  • Auto shut off and LED indicators
  • 60 mint timer
  • Multiple features for a wide range of foods and recipes
  • 175 degree F to 400 degree F, multiple temperature range
  • 2 liter capacity
  • Little to no oil cooking quality
  • Taste of foods is marvelous
  • Washable easily
  • Best for fast foods etc.


  • Short in stock
  • Not too much expensive, but very little
  • Not advance functions supported.

5) Philips HD9230/56 Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology:

Philips Corporation is one of the world’s best manufacturers of electrical and electronic appliance. It always tries to introduce innovative and creative brands with endless specs and features. Today, it offers you Philips HD9230/56 Digital Air Fryer that is one of the most famous with its Rapid Air Technology. Secondly, it is known as the master of healthy cooking that means it does not use enough oil to make your recipes full of fats and nutrients. You can enjoy a variety of foods and fast food recipes in this air fryer that works on heat or hot air flow which reaches around the food and cooks it faster.

This brand is also available in black, silver, grey and white colors, while price differences of these colorful products are not enough. Digital touch screen has few options only which you can use for power On/Off, play/start the cooking, pause it for some reasons, adjust temperature that ranges from 0 degree F to 390 degree F and time setting. It is also detachable that facilitates users to wash the whole product very easily and nicely. You will be able to cook vegetable, meat, seafood, crunchy, crispy and some fast food recipes in this single brand. However, it has a high price that is greater than rest of air fryers of various companies.


  • An excellent brand for heat cooking
  • Great and intensive hot air pressure
  • Rapid Air Technology
  • Wide range of temperature control
  • Easy to control digital touch screen panel
  • 8 lb, extra large
  • 70% less calories and fats in cooked recipes in this product
  • Innovative design with a superb performance
  • Best taste of fried and cooked foods
  • Detachable and easy to wash it for perfect cleaning etc.


  • Its cost is a big issue.
  • No one sure it is available everywhere
  • Best, but limited cooking options
  • Not enough capacity for foods.

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