Ceiling fan is an ordinary home appliance which you need to keep room temperature moderate and a living climate. However, ongoing progress in latest technology offers the customers to buy a variety of Modern Ceiling Fans with their endless specs, features and superb performance. Basically, these fans are casual in working, but their designs, structure, material, electricity efficiency and performance are completely different from casual ceiling fans. Today, there are thousands of globally popular ceiling fan manufacturers that always design a creative fan for household use. These fans are specially manufactured with a number of additional accessories, articles and attractive parts. At the moment, modern ceiling fans with lights are extremely popular in America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Factors You Must Consider:

When you are interested to buy modern ceiling fans cheap, then you need few very essential things to follow. Basically, these are helpful directions that will lead you to a right place for buying a best product at a rate you are willing to pay. Further, you need to preview the design, company logo, model number, technology like convection, fast working, top performance, durability and weight. All these are factors that surely help you to find a top rated product at competitive rates. Secondly, most women try to find cheap brands with their own expected features. In fact, nothing such is available in market that is unbeatable in performance, but has a lowest price. If someone says it is, then surely he will be trying to deceive you.

Don’t Follow Charming Offers:

Fundamentally, the prices and specs of indoor as well as modern outdoor ceiling fans vary. Latest ceiling fans for outdoor and indoor uses are available in largest stock. But, you have to focus on standard quality and performance rather than designs, shapes and prices. If you miss your focus and move to another way for cheap products, then obviously you will also lose the important factors you should access. Many online sellers also introduce a variety of economical offers to inspire and attract the customers. All of you who need the quality and performance must avoid such charming offers.

Quality and Performance Behind the Design:

Have you listened or seen the ceiling fans with remote function? Yes, today the modern ceiling fans with lights and remote have been manufactured and introduced in the world. You can buy these latest ceiling fans along with glittering lights and the easy remote access. So, now you have no need to move towards the power button with a wall to On/Off and adjust the speed, because you can do everything by the remotes. Anyway, your major focus must be over the quality material, performance, electricity usage, performance and durability than only design as well as price.

Learn How to Buy High Performing Ceiling Fan:

Buyer guide is the same for purchasing modern flush mount ceiling fans as in case of other home appliances. However, here you need little bit more attention to check quality and performance which every manufacturer promises to deliver. Secondly, you should also include a creative and innovative design of these ceiling fans into your search, so that you buy a brand that will surely decorate your room along with great throw of cool air.

Detail of 5 Top and Modern Ceiling Fans You Can Buy for Your Homes:

When you are going to buy modern and top quality ceiling fans for your homes, then following products are best to buy. These have to the point reviews for your help and let you know which one is better for your luxurious homes.

1) Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with Four Brushed Chrome Blades and Single Light Kit with frosted Glass:

Modern ceiling fans are much popular in developed and civilized countries. Here, Litex E-UB48BC4CI Urbana ceiling fan with 48 inches length and 4 brushed Chrome blades has become a trendy home appliance which you can buy from online as well as conventional stores. This brand is absolutely fantastic in look, design and performance. There are many special things and parts that attract the customers. First of all, it has single light kit supported with frosted glass and Chrome blades. Company offers its customers 15 years warranty on whole product and there is also a candelabra bulb that consumes 60 watts power.

Entire body of this fan is Chrome metal finished, while the whole fan is completely fixed and its down rod mounting installation is done by a safety cable. Fan has a silver/Chrome skin that will be everlasting. Secondly, if you look its design and performance, then sure you will never care for its cost that seems little high than casual ceiling fans. Its blades rotates extremely fast and air flow to down becomes intensive. These types of fans are also used in summer when split air conditioners are working. So, such fans are better to maintain room’s temperature. Today, it is quite simple to buy it from web based stores that also offer free home delivery within 24-48 hours.


  • Attractive design
  • 60 watts candelabra light
  • 4 brushed chrome finished blades
  • 48 inches measurement of the fan
  • Down rod mounting installation that is easier
  • Metal finish body
  • 15 year motor warranty and 2 year product warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Wall regulator with different speed options
  • High performing product with no noise
  • 4 blades with high speed capacity
  • Economical and available in the world
  • Long lasting working and guaranteed satisfaction
  • Wonderful airflow up to a larger area etc.


  • Unavailable in many of countries
  • Good for closed rooms or areas only
  • Not energy efficient
  • Limited speed controls.

2) Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan with Ball Hanger Installation System, Brushed Nickel:

Westinghouse is a well known home appliances manufacturer that believes on quality and performance than designs. This company has been making fans and other electrical products for a long time. Today, it brings a wide range of ceiling fans with modern shapes, designs and guaranteed performance. Westinghouse 7861400 ceiling fan has a dimension 56 inches and it owns 3 brushed blades. Secondly, this home appliance also has a ball hanging installation system which is quite easier to fix and decorate the room. It is widely used in homes, offices, industries and workstations. This fan has a wonderful performance up to 360 square feet area.

It owns single capacitor, cold rolled steel motor up to 172×12 millimeter and it uses just 63 watts power to perform. It is much famous among the customers for its a variety of features and specs which customers do not observe in other modern ceiling fans. For example; it has a power air flow up to 7,105 CFM and total air flow efficiency is up to 113 CFM per watt. It comes with two types of warranty; 15 year warranty on motor and 2 year warranty on rest of the parts. It facilitates the users to use its 5 speed wall controls and ball hanger installation system that is rare in ceiling fans. You will never experience any noise when it is working.


  • Ball hanger installation system that is a new one
  • 3 metal finish blades
  • Best and efficient air flow circulation
  • 56 inches in measurement
  • 113 CFM per watt efficiency
  • Airflow up to 360 square feet
  • Wide range of applications
  • 2 year warranty on all parts and 15 year warranty on motor
  • Silent working of motor
  • Rolled steel motor
  • Available and inexpensive etc.


  • Inexpensive, but not available everywhere
  • Manual operations
  • little lazy for wider areas and in hotter days.

3) Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with Four Brushed Chrome Blades and Single Light Kit with frosted Glass:

This is a metal finished brand with a number of stylish parts and specs. It generally is used in a number of places for temperature control and fresh environment. However, it comes with a number of features. First of all, you will be much inspired by its design, stylish look and big size. Yes, the overall dimension of this modern ceiling fan is 48 inches and it owns 4 chrome metal finished blades with little more thickness and width. Down rod of this fan is 0.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches in length along with a safety cable. There are candelabra bulbs that have a power consumption 60 watts.

Frosted glass single light kit decorates this fan and makes it an extraordinary home appliance for your home. Company gives you 15 years warranty on its electric motor that has copper wiring and very powerful to produce a higher air flow. There will be no noise of working of the fan and it is capable to throw air flow up to 360 square feet, while in your home it will also support you air conditioner to sustain the room temperature. You can use it as a basic home appliance as well as the decorative article. Its look and style both are superb to catch attention of the customers at first glance.


  • Candelabra bulbs with more intensity and with 60 watts power consumption
  • Chrome metal finished blades with great thickness and width
  • 13 inches ceiling blades, 19 inches from ceiling to bottom with the light kit
  • Not much expensive
  • Very attractive design and decent shape
  • Four blades and high capacity for ideal airflow
  • Weather resisting blades and whole body
  • Good shine and glittering light options
  • Copper wiring and no overheating possibility
  • 15 year official warranty
  • Down rod with safety cable
  • Easy to install
  • Different speed options
  • Regulator box to be fixed with wall
  • Noise free motor etc.


  • Little high price than casual modern ceiling fans
  • Its availability everywhere is a problem for customers
  • Not too many speed options
  • Good for limited and constructed areas.

4) Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan with Ball Hanger Installation System, Brushed Nickel:

It is a heavy duty ceiling fan that is excessively used in industrial and commercial areas, while the people also buy this fan for their luxurious homes. secondly, it has 3 metal finished blades with more capability to perform and maintain the room temperature stable. In hot summer and dry weather, this fan will perform like a portable air conditioner, because its working will throw air up to 360 square feet area. Its air circulation effect reaches to 7,105 CFM and it is huge. Total length of the fan is 56 inches and it is winded with pure copper. It has a five different speed controls which you can fixed with a wall on a regulator.

Ball hanger installation system and longer rod with 0.5 inches x 12 inches to down make it more successful. If you buy this product, then definitely you will enjoy a cool environment in your home, workstation, shop or industry. It is a power saving brand with latest air technology and convection features. You will never see any change in your electricity bill. Airflow efficiency is up to 113 CFM per watt that is very brilliant and its performance is continuous. You can use it for several consecutive hours, because lead and copper metals have been used to give it final electric finish.


  • Measurement of the fan is 56 inches and it owns 3 blades
  • High capacity motor with copper wiring
  • Good for 360 square feet area
  • Best brand for a variety of places
  • Multiple uses of this product
  • Comfortable environment creating fan
  • 63 watts energy consumption
  • Lead wire up to 54 inches
  • 2 year warranty on all parts and 15 year on motor
  • No noise when motor is working
  • 5 speed controls etc.


  • Not supported with remote access
  • Unavailable in Asia and Africa
  • Little deficient in hot summer and dry weather.

5) Emerson Ceiling Fans CF144BS Curva Sky Modern Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote, 44-Inch Blades, Brushed Steel Finish:

Emerson ceiling fans are globally famous for their designs, performance, latest technology used to make these products and endless features. Further, the company has been leading global industry for last few years. It is famous for introducing innovative brands with maximum benefits and features. Secondly, the price of its products is always high than other ceiling fans made by world’s popular companies. It has a light that glitters in darkness and decorates your home. Secondly, this ceiling fan is completely modern and can be controlled by a remote. Good finished product with shiny and strong body. It comes with 6 speed LED controls.

It is heavy duty ceiling fan with big weight and healthy structure. You can use it anywhere to maintain room temperature. Secondly, this product is much expensive with compare to other ceiling fans in modern design and shape. Further, it is copper wiring brand and integrated light fixture has 2 mini candelabra bulbs each of 50 watts. Further, optional light cover plates are also included in technical description of this product. Three powerful, high speed and metal covered blades perform better to produce consistent airflow, while these blades are good finish and fully resistant against the weather effects. Style of blades is also highly appealing for customers.


  • Brushed steel finish with ultimate shine
  • Wonderful for every home and commercial places
  • 6 speed controls and LED remote access
  • Approved damp location
  • 3 blades for all weathers
  • Candelabra Halogen lights each of 50 watts
  • Light cover plates
  • Cute design and inspiring blades
  • Consistent in performance
  • 44 inches blades
  • Much expensive, but the bets ceiling fan ever by qualities and performance etc.


  • Totally out of budget
  • Not easily available
  • Limited functions
  • Not supported with several basic functions.

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