Tankless Water Heater as a Part of Modern Life:

Water heater is an elementary home appliance of every family which it uses to warm the water for taking shower. If you are fed up by paying constantly a huge money on gas and electric heaters with big tanks, then you should think different. Tankless water heater is most famous and capable to heat up the water within seconds due to latest thermodynamic process and technology. At the moment, there are thousands of best tankless water heater models with their unique specs, features and promised performance along with energy efficiency. These brands are made by different companies in the world which claim that their products are unbeatable in performance and matchless in technical features.

Best Services of Tankless Water Heater for Household Uses:

In present, best tankless hot water heater is widely used in homes, workstations and big industries for a number of aims like bathing, space heating, washing clothes, cleaning surfaces and cooking. Tankless water heater is the same product as with a tank, but it works better without dripping water and continuous leakage. Tankless water heaters are also greatly proficient to warm or heat up the normal water within few seconds. Most of advance water heater without tanks have electric rods that become red when heaters are ON and when water passes through these hottest rods, then it becomes hot and come out the tap or tank to a container.

Qualities That Make It Essential Home Appliance:

Instantaneous or tankless water heater is not easier to buy from a competitive market, because every product seems identical. You need to look deeply the best products in markets and then uncover their features and many specific aspects that may help you to find best electric tankless water heater. For this, you are required an internet connection with PC, so that you can search and find names of world’s best water heater manufacturers. Secondly, you must track three major aspects; technical specs, working pattern with energy efficiency and long lasting performance with a standard. When you confirm these qualities in a brand, then it will be much suitable for your needs. Quality and performance check is more important for every customer.

Buying Guide for Inexperienced Buyers:

Customers having no experience to buy best natural gas tankless water heater should follow buyer guide. The first direction for them is to track latest heaters in a market or shop that have multiple features and technical parts. Secondly, you must track only those brands which are truly power efficient and guaranteed performing. If you are confusing by huge stock of tankless water heaters based on electricity or gas, then you can also compare leading brands on grounds of working, thermodynamic process, technology and performance. This will help you to choose and buy a right product without your budget. Most people do not like such directions and they always prefer a company that is famous and highly experienced in manufacturing water heaters.

Top Rated 5 Tankless Water Heaters Reviews with Pros & Cons:

Now, you should read product reviews of some best tankless or instantaneous water heaters to get more information about them. Five best brands of 2016 have been enlisted below for your assistance.

1) Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater:

Ecosmart ECO 27 is a very special and heavy duty tankless water heater that comes with Patented Self Modulating Technology which is rare in electric water heaters. Secondly, it produces 27 KW just at 240 volts. It is smart shaped and good looking design product that carries a lot of features and benefits for users. For the small houses and limited commercial areas, these brands are really extremely suitable. Further, it is an instantaneous heater that comes with larger capacity and more efficiency. This one is more famous among the customers for its lifetime warranty, however the return price will be the actual cost of the heater excluding labor cost for installation.

Do you know general benefits of buying tankless water heater Ecosmart ECO 27? Yes, you can install it anywhere in your house, because it can be replaced easily and fix accurately. There will be no effect to its performance if you change its location of fixing. Hot water will never run out of this water heater in any ways, because it is completely sealed and anti-drip system supported. Users will be able to save 12 cubic feet space for the storage if they use this product at their homes or working areas. It owns the digital temperature control, while the heat adjustment system allows you to set the temperature manually for better performance and hot water quickly.


  • Comes with 3 x 40 Amp double poles
  • 200 Amp is the recommended and standard electrical panel
  • No way to run out the hot water from this electric heater
  • Anti-Drip system to prevent leakage of hot water
  • 12 cubic feet space can be saved for storage
  • Digital temperature control
  • Lowest temperature and hot water gaining facility
  • Electric rod made of pure copper
  • Easy to adjust and reset the temperature
  • Automatic On/Off
  • Instantaneous operations with marvelous performance and results etc.


  • Much expensive and negligible by average income customers
  • Useful for limited or small homes or areas
  • Good in working, but not easily available everywhere
  • No preheat adjustment and multiple water heating functions.

2) Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPM:

Rheem RTE 13 is an electric water heater that comes with maximum 4 GPM flow rate. This product is very casual and has a formal design, but its working is really amazing. It has very simple, user friendly and easy to understand System Control that allows you to reset the temperature, heat flow and movement of the electric rods that warms the water when it passed through these thick copper made rods. LED display helps you to view the operations in progress and status of the heater, while it also shows the standby mode. Company has added copper or rugged brass heat exchanger.

It will start working when you open the tap to get water or use mixer to get hot water, and it will automatically off when you close the tap. However, it is highly recommended and considered the best bath appliance for single bathroom and shower. If you connect it with two or more showers, then its performance and water heating ability will be average or low than your expectations. Further, this product also works on 240 volts, while its production is up to 13 KW. You will be able to install this little water heater anywhere in your home and can also change its location anytime.


  • Electric water heater
  • 240 volts power and 13 KW production
  • Much storage space
  • 4 GPM maximum rate of water flow
  • Anti-Dip system and self modulating technology
  • LED lights for displaying power, standby and elements
  • Hottest water just on one temperature
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Energy efficient product
  • Best to use for single shower
  • Automatic On/Off feature
  • Expensive, but good for every home etc.


  • Again an expensive one
  • Unavailable in many countries
  • Little complicated to adjust temperature
  • Limited use for one shower only.

3) Eccotemp 45H-NG Outdoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater:

Ecotemp 45H NG is a very economical and more useful tankless water heater that works on natural gas than electricity. That is why; it is considered a cheapest brand for your bathroom and home than electric heaters. It owns the world’s most famous and efficient heater exchanging system that can warm the cold or natural water to hot just in few seconds. It has two plates and copper rods for heating the water. Gas is used as the main fuel and water also passes through the plates or copper rods that are red by heat and thus water comes out with great temperature and heat.

It comes with 10 year warranty on heat exchanger, while rest of parts of this product have 5 year manufacturing warranty. If you look at power it needs, then it will be just 110 volts, while its maximum flow rate is 6.8 GPM. With rise in temperature, the flow rate also varies and moves up and down consequently. Main quality of this product is its BTU that is up to 155,000, while it owns a Built-in Anti-Freeze circuit that will never let the warm water cool. You can fix it with your big water tank or main water supply to keepĀ  all the taps of your bath facilitated with hot water.


  • Natural gas fuel based
  • 5 year manufacturing warranty on all parts and heat exchange has 10 year warranty
  • 110 volts power consumption
  • 8 GPM flow rate that also varies with temperatures
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Anti Freeze Built-in Circuit
  • More capacity to store the water
  • Least time required to warm water
  • 155,000 BTU supported
  • Not inexpensive, but superb in performance and efficiency etc.


  • Expensive and out of budget; $483.66
  • Limited in stock
  • Low capacity and useful for limited area
  • Few functions and not supported with self modulating technology.

4) Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater:

It is another innovation of Ecosmart ECO 18 that comes with sufficient storage capacity and great efficiency. Ecosmart products throughout the world are famous for their product quality, specs, features, performance, durability and endless working. You can buy these brands in various designs, shapes, sizes and capacities. However, its every model or product meets the requirements of customers. Today, it is extremely well known around the world for its advance patented self modulating technology and maximum output within least power consumption. It can produce 18 KW at 240 volts, while it is considered as an economical and power efficient Ecosmart electric water heater.

It comes with many of interesting specs which you have not seen anywhere ever. First, it offers you one touch digital temperature control that will help you to reset the heat. Its temperature can be adjusted according to needs. Its heating capacity is 2.5 gallons a minute that is really amazing and unbeatable by other electric heaters available in global markets. It also supports two showers at the same time with equal quality of water and heat. If you buy it for your residential use, then it will come with lifetime warranty that is a good offer. Users will get 12 cubic feet extra storage capacity and there is no way to come out hot water, as it is supported with anti-drip technology.


  • Digital temperature control
  • 18 KW production at 240 volts power use
  • Controllable and adjustable temperature
  • 5 gallon water just in one minute
  • Efficient to run 2 showers at the same time
  • Lifetime warranty for home use
  • It will cut off 60% cost of water heating
  • Self modulating technology
  • No possibility of hot water run out
  • 12 cubic feet more storage capacity
  • Expensive, but smart features and long lasting performance etc.


  • Unavailable in most of stores
  • Limited temperature control options
  • High priced brand
  • Good for limited uses and small home sonly.

5) Marey 2.5 GPM Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater Eco 12.6 KW 240 V:

It is a great brand with its enormous features and guaranteed performance. This product has several points that will be able to give more efficiency if incoming water pressure is high and distance of your water tank is also more. Thus, it will be economical and better to perform with an output 12.5 KW at 240 volts. You can easily adjust it and use it very simply. However, you must be aware of temperature setting and head intensity adjustment. You have no need to create more pressure for getting hot water, because it will work just with a little pressure and its heating system will get activated when water reaches it.

Its design is much useful to save the capacity and storage space. Secondly, it has been supported with Self Modulating Technology that regulates amount of energy it needs to run. You will be able to save your 60% cost of water heating by this product that has a long lasting warranty. You can also fix it anywhere in your home and it will be efficient for one or two showers. Copper made electric rods will get heated just in few seconds and then the water will be warmed in a huge quantity. It has an automatic On/Off function that is much useful for you to save electricity.


  • More capacity and very attractive design
  • 5 KW at 240 volts
  • Complete function panel for standby, activate and temperature settings
  • Controllable temperature and heat flow
  • Self Modulating Technology for energy saving
  • Great heating quality and best circuit
  • No water run out issue
  • Anti-drip system
  • Easy to install and use
  • Not much expensive etc.


  • Company has its limited stock in the world.
  • Little hard to find it available on famous stores
  • Limited temperature options
  • Less efficient for two or more showers
  • Only suitable for single bathroom or small home.

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