A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance that is portable as well as fixed in the cooking area and it is used to fry the foods deeply in oil with extensive heat transfer. This process of cooking a number of recipes is better than baking and simmering foods, especially the fast food items and other tasty recipes. You need much care when you are going to buy best deep fryers. In these days, most of people buy cooking ranges, microwave ovens, grinders, coffee makers and deep fryer to make their kitchens luxurious, while cooking by such appliances will be easy and time efficient along with great taste.

When you look at best home deep fryers, then you will come to know some very special information about their structure, heating system and temperature or heat controls. Secondly, the commercial deep fryers always work on bases of the consistent infrared heating system or conventional heat, but such fryers will be much expensive. However, today the home deep fryers are also available with mini sizes, extraordinary specs, features and a number of cooking helps you need to make your kitchen experience better.

Why Women Buy Deep Fryer?

There are plenty of reasons behind why women prefer and buy the best deep fryers for home use. Basically, a fryer with deeper basket will assist you make you cooked or fried food clear of the oil when you have finished the cooking job. Secondly, this way of cooking is better, easier and healthier than casual or formal frying food techniques. Secondly, these types of deep fryers also come with temperature adjustment controls, manual functions, heat control options, timer to set a time for cooking foods and the audible alarm that will let you know food is ready.

Women also feel frying odor when they use the conventional fryers, but deep fryers prevent such odor from your cooked foods. Finally, you will never experience over cooked foods, because time will stop the fryer working further when it reaches to its set time. Nowadays, there are a number of best rated deep fryers which are useful for every home. However, all of you need to look for the features, working, durability and performance of such fryers, so that you can pick a better one for your small or large kitchen.

Wide Range of Uses of Deep Fryers:

Fry foods are not good for people, because such recipes may increase cholesterol and fats in human body and finally these elements will lead a healthy person to overweight and other fitness problems. In present best deep fat fryers are being used for cooking and frying a variety of recipes that are much famous among the people. Most of women make potato fry chips and sneakers for their children to give them a different food touch. However, the fried foods in deep fryers will be better, because oil filtration will dry the oil from fried foods completely and make the recipe free of fry odor and oily.

Heavy Duty Five Top Rated Deep Fryers for Limited and Unlimited Uses:

If your family is small and you use deep fryer less, then you should buy portable and casual machines. But, for the larger families and consistent uses, you must prefer automatic and heavy duty deep fryers with their excellent features and performance. Here, just five best deep fryer brands have been discussed which you can buy around the world.

1) Quest Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer, 3 Liter:

This fat or deep fryer is a best brand made by Quest that is a well known home and kitchen appliances manufacturer. Secondly, Quest deep fat fryer is made of approved and heavy duty stainless steel that can reserve the heat for longer duration. On the other side, this product is rich with many qualities that attract every buyer at first glance. Usually, Quest stainless steel deep fat fryer comes with 3 liter capacity. It is best for potato chips, sneakers, chicken fry and some fast foods. Metallic basket seems like a grille and it has larger capacity for foods to be fried deeply.

You will also get help to fry a variety of foods and recipes by a cool touch and very soft handle covered with thick material. There are several advance technical parts including easy control of Thermostat, oil container that is easily removable, easier carrying basket, power adjusting functions, LED lights for power and working indications. You will get this brand on world’s top formal and web based stores. While, it is also available in different capacities range from 1 liter to 3 liter. Its price is not a matter of concern for you, as it is economical with compare to other brands available in international markets.


  • Best brand with 3 liter capacity
  • Capable to cook and fry multiple recipes and fast food items
  • Adjustable thermostat to set the temperature
  • Time setting
  • Easier holding for everyone with its side handles
  • Frying basket with a cool touch handle
  • Easily removable oil container
  • Cool zone for oil contamination prevention
  • Deep fryer with stainless steel structure
  • Economical and portable etc.


  • Not expensive, but unavailable outside Europe
  • Not an energy efficient product
  • Oil waste possibilities
  • Formal thermostat functions
  • Much time needed to cook dishes.

2) Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free 1500W Air Fryer Multicooker-Black:

By style, look and design this one is superb and its performance is the key factor that maximizes its sales. Usually, this brand comes with multiple features like multi-cooker and air frying features. Secondly, it cooks the healthy as well as oil free recipes that refill your energy, vitamins and other natural minerals your body need to grow and perform routine works. Duronic AF 1 is a unique styled deep fryer with its closed shape and round structure. Do you know facts that have made it much famous and successful brand of the world? Yes, first of all it uses only air transfer technology that becomes heat and cooks the food faster.

Secondly, this product uses the least quantity of or no oil to cook the foods. Further, users can take help to bake, cook and simmer more than 150 recipes that have been given with directions and information in the book you will get if you buy it. The brand you are studying about promises you to deliver a topnotch quality performance and delicious foods with great taste. There will be no compromise over quality and taste of the foods you want cooking in this latest deep air fryer. There are several temperature adjusting options by a control. You can set a temperature and the time for each recipe you want cooking in this famous Duronic AF 1 air fryer.


  • Multi cooking product
  • 1500 watts power supply
  • Air Circulating Technology
  • Heat based cooking
  • Less or no oil features
  • Healthier foods without compromising over taste
  • Closed cooking system with improved functions and cooking pattern
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Cool touch handle at the external
  • Appealing and versatile design
  • Removable bowl and basket with easy washable features
  • Safe to use, cooking or frying odor free and simple to use etc.


  • Little expensive and double in price with compare to other fryers
  • Hard to find outside Europe, especially UK
  • Limited warranty of 2 years only
  • More power required, 1500 watts.

3) Philips HD9220/20 Healthier Oil Free Airfryer-Black:

Philips Corporation is a manufacturer of electrical, electronics and kitchen appliances. It has been making a variety of goods for use for a long time. You will get all kinds of kitchen appliances from Philips Corporation. While, it introduces an advance Philips HD9220/20 healthier air fryer in black color and much appealing design. It has a removable round box or tray exact below the temperature control segment. Latest medical research has discovered that this air fryer is more efficient in working with a superb performance, while it takes 80% less fats for cooking a variety of foods with compare to its competitors in the market.

Basically, it is famous and more appropriate fryer for the potato chips and other tasty foods you use as appetizer. Best quality of this fryer is this that it uses no oil to cook and fry the foods, because it has been based upon the heat or warm air technology that cooks food similar as oil does. You can customize its heat supply setting as well as the temperature, because heat supply varies with respect to the type of food. So, you must adjust temperature and the time for each food you want frying or cooking. There are ready sound indication, timer, minimum cooking time 30 minutes and auto shut off function.


  • 80% less fats than conventional fryers
  • Rapid Air Circulating Technology
  • No or less oil cooking
  • Healthy foods with wonderful taste
  • No possibility of oil contamination
  • Odor free fried food
  • Book of 30 recipes
  • Portable and removable tray
  • Good design and compact style
  • Easy to use with temperature or heat adjustment
  • Auto cooking with adjustable timer
  • Easy to wash and cool touch handle etc.


  • Much expensive for average income buyers
  • Limited in performance and working
  • Less functions
  • Unavailable in many countries
  • Power consuming brand.

4) Russell Hobbs 18238 Compact Deep Fryer, 0.9 L-White:

Russell Hobbs 18238 compact deep fryer is a brilliant product with its 0.9 liter capacity. It is usually a simples product with easiest functions you can adjust like temperature, heat flow and the time for cooking recipes. It seems like a mini water cooler, but its shape is very attractive and it is considered a best kitchen appliance for limited serving. Small families can use it for a variety of recipes that will take just 30 to 40 minutes for cooking. It comes with latest thermostat functions and easy control that helps the users to adjust a desired or required temperature.

Basically, oil capacity of this product is 0.9 liter and food is up to 350 grams. You can control it by its external handle and a light for power indicating is also included in the product. Interior of the fryer is heat resisting and you can keep the recipes warm for several minutes with unchanged taste and stable freshness. Most of customers ask questions about its price which is in fact a record lower cost of a deep fryer ever. Usually, it has very easy functions to set and cook the foods. It also uses heat or warm air to cook the foods, while you can also add oil in greater amount for some dishes.


  • 350 gram food and 0.9 liter oil capacities
  • Easy to use by its temperature control
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Best for single and limited serving
  • Control handle at external body
  • Power indicating light
  • Best for many recipes and fried foods
  • Auto functions
  • Portable and washable frying container etc.


  • Unavailable and limited uses
  • Not a perfect for large families for more recipes
  • No recipe book
  • Limited warranty
  • No timer, just temperature control.

5) VonShef 2.2 Litre Air Fryer in Black Oil Free Healthier Fryer:

This brand is also an energy efficient along with its dozens of special features you can use to cook dozens of recipes. Customers will get a manual book of recipes for learning many conventional and cultural foods. On the other side, it uses less or no oil to bake or cook the foods. Further, this product has a versatile design with much attractive look and a beautiful shape. It also offers you cook foods in a number of ways like simmer, bake, grill, roast and formal cook. There are two control volumes for users with a timer and temperature adjustment.

Both these are needed to operate at the same time for setting a temperature to cook food within a specific time. It can be programmed between 80 degree to 200 degrees, while its total capacity is up to 2.2 liter that is really a big one. Rapid Air Circulation Technology makes it more efficient and durable for users. It can be used for multiple recipes. This product suits small and large families equally, because its efficiency does not let users down. You will get faster cooking with a superb taste and minimum consumption of energy. Frying tray or section is removable that is associated with cool touch handle.


  • Fry, cook, bake, roast and grill a number of recipes
  • Healthier foods with amazing taste
  • No ways of oil contamination
  • Oil free cooking
  • 2 liter capacity
  • Air Circulation Technology
  • Time and temperature adjustment
  • All-round product for a number of foods
  • 80% fat efficient that formal brands
  • Multiple time settings and temperature ranges
  • 2 year warranty
  • Good for persistent use
  • Cooking container removable for washing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Faster in working and stable performance
  • Portable and lightweight etc.


  • Little high price
  • Available only in Europe
  • Limited in stock
  • Just two year warranty.

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