Microwave or oven is a kitchen appliance that offers you multiple cooking options without using some cooking ranges. In these days, the people are adopting modern civilization regardless where they are living. That is why; demands for such types of Over The Range Microwave products are rapidly increasing, because everyone is making efforts to save time rather than money. When you buy a range microwave, then obviously you will get helped in cooking, broiling, roasting, baking, toasting and warming the foods. In these days, these brands are available in formal shopping malls and online kitchen appliances stores where you can choose and buy a new product for your luxurious kitchen.

Microwave & Wide Range Household Needs:

Standing in kitchen for a long time to cook food is not an easy job for the girls and women. They always hunt for something innovative that may assist them to complete their kitchen work quickly and with the standard taste of foods they want cooking. It is not bad to say that a range microwave or simply an oven has become a fundamental need of every home and the people having no microwave will have a tough job in kitchen. Now, there are thousands of best microwave products you can buy. All these best over the range microwave items are mostly electric and carry multiple features, specs and guaranteed performance.

Directions to Choose Best Brand:

Microwave oven is much needed kitchen appliance you almost require from morning to late night for various things of needs. Secondly, most people have no experience to shop such kitchen appliances. They always prefer affordable brands regardless their quality, working and performance which they should give more importance. On the other side, rational people have sound experience to choose the microwave ovens that are best in markets. If you are willing to buy this kitchen appliance, then you should prefer over the range convection microwave, because it is a latest technology brand ever. You have to pay attention on quality, performance, specs, design, functions, user friendly interface and the price of these appliances before to buy.

Performance is Important Than Performance:

The people have their own nature to buy goods like kitchen appliances,. They mostly prefer low priced products, but they also demand for top quality performance which is rare in cheaper brands. You should understand a very important sentence that quality and performance both are significant factors to be considered and focused than low price of a product you want buying. Thus, performance of a kitchen appliance like microwave oven matters a lot than the price, design and other formal aspects of it.

Search More and Select the Best That Suits You:

Sometime, customers rely on market’s leading brands and companies. They should never close their eyes and put their hands to a brand which they know well. But, they must search longer for the best over the range microwave convection oven and then read what it owns. This is a recommended way to track a best product with its endless features and performance. If you want quality and performance, then you need to research more and find a bets kitchen appliance in form of a microwave oven.

Top Rated 5 Over The Range Microwave in Markets:

It is the list of top 5 over the range microwave ovens that are universally famous and leading. You must read the reviews of these products and then decide to buy a right one.

1) GE JVM7195SFSS 1.9 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Sensor Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel:

GE JVM 7195SFSS is an advance over the range sensor microwave oven that has been made with good finish stainless steel. It is smart in look, but not in its size and performance. Usually, officially it is 1.9 cubic foot in overall dimension, while its turntable has been made by glass recessed. Further, you need this product in your kitchen, because it has been tested that it is helpful to reduce the smoke, odor and steam from the installed cooktop in your kitchen. However, its price is little high which most of customers consider out of their budget, but its specs and features are elegant for users.

Product comes with 3 high speed exhaust fans that collects heat, smoke, steam and odor from cooking area and discharge them from the kitchen. You will be able to control kitchen’s temperature by placing this over the range microwave oven. Internal cavity dimension is also supportive to control kitchen’s temperature and climate. It is also very easy to use. All three exhaust fans have their separate functions and controls which you can use when you need. Furthermore, the brand comes with built-in three functions, Halogen interior light for indicating and digital touch controls to operate the device. This microwave oven owns 400 CFM venting system with latest technology.


  • 9 cubic ft capacity
  • Electronic touch controls
  • 3 speed exhaust fans
  • great reduction in power consumption
  • Halogen light inside the microwave oven
  • Built-in 3 speed
  • 400 CFM venting system
  • Helpful to control kitchen air quality
  • Glass made recessed turntable
  • Good cavity dimension
  • Auto cooking options
  • Little expensive and stainless steel body
  • Available in global markets etc.


  • Really high priced brand
  • Limited cooking functions
  • Little difficult to operate
  • More power consumption.

2) LG LMV2031ST 2.0 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel:

It is another cute and attractive microwave oven with stainless steel body that makes it stronger. Secondly, this device seems very alike to previous one by its functions and latest specs that are excellent to control temperature of your kitchen. It is easy to use for various types of purposes. If you are interested to buy such type of microwave oven, then for this you should once go through LG LMV2031ST that comes with a number of features. In addition, it has softer and digital touch controls that work just by touching the controls. Its exterior design is wide and traditional, while dimensions of internal and external parts are different.

Smooth touch glass control is a new specs which LG has added in this brand. Its performance is highly impressive and fast. So, you should never try to set several minutes for the foods you want cooking or warming, because its microwaves will definitely either burn or change the taste of your meal. It has a high price, but against its performance and quality this cost is not much. Every buyer needs to read the product description, feedback of those users who have used it and the pros and cons associated with this brand before to buy. In addition, you should also compare it with other products available in markets, so that you can sure it is right microwave you are going to purchase.


  • Stainless steel body
  • 1000 watts power consumption
  • 0 cubic ft capacity
  • Wide view interior design
  • Traditional interior structure
  • Smoother touch glass controls
  • Auto cooking functions
  • Helpful for a variety of recipes
  • Temperature and time preset options
  • International brand with 2 year warranty
  • Available in the world etc.


  • Almost out of range
  • Not power efficient
  • Complex cooking and defrost functions
  • Not easy to understand its working
  • Not portable, as it is heavy.

3) Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, AMV1150VAS, Stainless Steel:

Shape and design of  this famous over the range microwave oven are latest. You can place it in your kitchen for broiling, roasting, warming, cooking and baking the foods. It is known as a special product for fast food and recipes that need much care for cooking. However, it is made of stainless steel that adds much beauty to the product. Users will also observe a fantastic auto cook system that will help them to bake and cook a variety of recipes without manual operating. There is also a hidden, styling and contemporary vent. When you are going to cook some fast foods, then prompt display with scrolling word will assist you.

Touchmatic control system is another advance feature which this microwave oven owns. Further, there are many other functions and options you can use to make your cooking better day by day. Secondly, this product is suitable for small as well as large sized families. However, its multiple features, advance technical parts and touch controls will allow you to have a pleasant experience with this type of microwave oven. When you decide to buy, then you should move to world’s leading online stores and shops where you need to read the product score, value and popularity. These factors will make you sure about endless performance and features of that brands.


  • Hidden vent, contemporary styling and good shaped
  • Auto cook functions
  • Prompt digital display
  • Time Delay for the cooktop surface light
  • Touch screen functions and control
  • Touchmatic control system
  • 5 cubic foot capacity
  • Multiple cooking and baking options
  • Alarm at the end of timer
  • Expensive, but excellent in working
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Stainless steel case etc.


  • Not transportable
  • Expensive as the other products
  • Not available in several countries
  • Short in online stock too
  • Few cooking functions only
  • Much power needed to run it.

4) Frigidaire MWV150KW 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven-White:

By look, grace and design, it is the most unique and innovative product ever in universal markets. Secondly, it has won several awards for its decent color, marvelous functions and additional specs that help you to cook a food which has endless taste. On the other side, you can use its extra large 14 inch glass turntable for cooking, baking, roasting and warming the foods. You have no need to concern about its functions and main controls, because there is a help guide for every customer along with a larger amount of recipes given in a book. It is 1.5 cubic feet and of white color that make it more famous.

Auto cooking, single touch options, user friendly functions, very simple interface and power efficient qualities make it one of the highly competitive products in the world. If you compare its price with previous over the range microwave ovens, then you will find it inexpensive. For trainees, it offers multi-stage cooking options and step by step baking fast food. The convection technology has been utilized by the company to produce such product with its medium size and wider glass turntable. It can be placed anywhere in a kitchen, because it is not fixed permanently and can be moved when it is needed.


  • White color and extremely decent in look
  • Stainless steel made
  • 5 cubic foot capacity of this microwave oven
  • Multi stages cooking
  • 14 inches extra large glass turntable
  • One touch options and smoother controls
  • read select controls
  • It consumes 1.5 KW power.
  • Little expensive than rest of microwave ovens made by other manufacturers etc.


  • Electricity bill will be more due to its use
  • Expensive product
  • Limited availability in global markets
  • Not simple functions
  • Cooking options, but not easier to understand and follow
  • Limited capacity.

5) Whirlpool WMH31017AW Microwave:

This one is another white over the range microwave oven with its superb performance and outclass features. However, it is more famous for its stylish hidden vent. It owns two fans with 220 CFM and 1000 watts power is needed to run it. It is not a new brand in the world, but its many functions have been rectified and updated according to demands of the customers. You can buy it easily from web based stores and formal markets where it has a fixed price. It also offers you multiple cooking options in which auto cooking and step by step cooking functions are more important.

Size of the internal glass turntable is 14 inches in diameter, while its capacity to cook, bake, broil, roast, grill and warm the food is more than other brands. Recently, it has won the award for its maximum sales in one year. Secondly, it has smoother single touch functions which are digital controls. So, every function and control on the panel is easier to operate. You can also learn more about several famous fast food and casual recipes, because this microwave oven comes with a book of many recipes and ways to cook them in such ovens. It is also available throughout the world.


  • Hidden vent
  • Pure white and more appealing look
  • 1000 watts power consumption
  • 2 speed fans with 220 CFM
  • Digital touch screen functions
  • More cooking options
  • Little heavy in weight
  • Expensive for average income people
  • Wider and good capacity internal glass turntable
  • Time and temperature adjustment controls
  • Different cooking and baking functions
  • Auto cooking options etc.


  • Again expensive and out of budget
  • Several essential functions are not specified
  • More power consuming product
  • Not easily portable
  • Limited capacity of foods to be warmed or cooked.

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