Rice cooker or steamer is getting rapid popularity for its massive usefulness. This brand is known as the most beneficial kitchen appliance. In fact, eating rice around the world is much common and most of families prefer fried, boiled and steam rice along with chicken or fish gravy rather than formal bread. In these days, there are thousands of high quality and best performing rice cookers at competitive prices. But, you need to be careful when buying these Best Rice Cookers. First of all, you must read the technical specs, features and product review before adding any brand into your cart. Rice cooker is a highly famous kitchen accessory that will facilitate you to give more taste to your cooked rice.

Trends of Rice Cookers in Kitchens:

In current, technology is making continuous progress and it is a major source in the world to design and introduce innovative products like best rated rice cookers. Basically, this small electrical machine seems very alike to casual pressure cooker, but it is specified for rice recipe. You can use it for the rice steaming and boiling which you can serve your family or guest along with a variety of foods. Secondly, today trends of using kitchen appliances are on peak, because these are automatic brands with specific commands and cooking directions. You have no need to stand in kitchen for a long time, but it will alarm a buzzer when the rice are ready.

Which Rice Cooker Will be Best?

There are plenty of questions regarding which rice cooker is the best to get a fantastic rice recipe with an endless taste. Sure, for this you must research little, so that you can get an idea about technical specs, features and performance of this brand you are interested to buy. In next, you must decide first whether you need the best rice cookers for brown rice or white or boiled rice. When you decide it, then your search will be easy to find world’s best rice cookers available in international markets and online stores. A brand with multiple features, easy control interface, user friendly functions, large capacity and ongoing performance will be a best one for your kitchen needs.

Factors You Should Consider About Rice Cookers:

Undoubtedly, throughout the world, America, French, German and best Japanese rice cookers are industry leading for their matchless features and outstanding performance. But, still you need a lot of things and factors to consider when going to buy rice cookers from a competitive market. Basically, when you compare specs, features, performance, design, shapes, working, functions, user friendly interface and price of all top rated products, then you will automatically come to know which brand is more suitable. Secondly, you should choose a rice cooker with warranty, guaranteed performance and digital functions.

How to Purchase a Right Rice Cooker?

Obviously, you are rational in buying technical and electrical products. So, nothing specific is for you to shop the best small rice cookers, because you know well how to choose and purchase these types of brands. Anyway, you should prefer online stores that are considered best, professional and true in delivering what you see and buy. Furthermore, you must check prices of a selected rice cooker on various stores or markets prior to place your order, as this will save your money.

Look at Best 5 Rice Cooker Reviews Available for Sale:

Now, you need to go through precise and detailed best rice cookers reviews. Sure, these product reviews comes with pros, cons and features. So, these will be enough to make clear you about performance of best brands you should buy out of these five.

1) Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre 660-Watt Automatic Rice Cooker:

This is a Panasonic product with a unique brand code SR-WA18 E that comes with 4.4 liter capacity. However, the brand is much famous for its two general options; warm and cook the rice, while it is very simple to operate. It is totally an automatic rice cooker that needs a power up to 660 Watts through DC adaptor. It also owns a function of Auto cut off and anodized aluminum pan that is for fast cooking of rice. You can set its temperature and time to steam, boil and fry the rice in white as well as in brownish colors which one you want.

Heater inside the product is also fabulous in releasing heat and there is 5 year warranty on heater, while the product has 2 year warranty with free service and maintenance. There are two options of cooking; Pre cooking up to 1.8 liter and post cooking up to 4.4 liter. There is a simple regulator to set the time for cooking rice. However, the time required for cooking will different for various amount of the rice and color you want. For white, steam and boiled rice you need less time for cooking, but for brown colored fried rice you need little more time.


  • Auto cooking with specific functions
  • Manually programmed
  • Auto cut off option
  • Warm and cook functions
  • Regulating button at the button
  • Stainless steel lid with excellent fitting
  • 2 Aluminum pans for cooking rice
  • Capable to cook, steam, boil and fry the rice
  • Brownish and white colored rice
  • Scoop holder
  • 2 year warranty on brand and 5 years on heater
  • Capacity; 1.8 liter pre-cooking and 4.4 liter post cooking
  • Available around the world etc.


  • Much expensive and out of range
  • Very simple and ordinary brand
  • Not available in many of Asian and European countries
  • Also limited in stock on internet based stores.

2) Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watt Electric Rice Cooker:

Prestige PRWO is another well known rice cooker with its specific functions and manual programs. You can use it for warm and cook rice, while there are two led lights with green and red colors. Secondly, it has two aluminum pans for cooking rice in different colors and lid of the product is made up with heavy duty stainless steel. You need just 220 to 240 volts for operating it and total power it needs through a DC cord or adaptor is 700 watts. A buyer will get rice cooker with a warranty card from purchasing date to end of warranty and the user manual to get helped for cooking rice.

Company offers you 1 year warranty on this product and you will be able to use it for 1.8 to 2 liter capacity. Further, it is a handsome product with its unique and innovative design which is completely different from other brands available in your nearby markets for sale. In addition, you can regulate the temperature and time. Secondly, the product gives you 100% performance and result for steaming, boiling, frying and cooking rice. It has two small handles on both sides for easy grip and carry the cooker. It will whistle when the time on the timer is ended.


  • Close lit with complete fitting made of stainless steel
  • 220 to 240 volts
  • 700 watts by DC cord
  • 1 year product warranty
  • Touch handles
  • 2 pans made of aluminum
  • Detachable power cable
  • Warm and cook options
  • Easy to control button
  • 1 kg rice capacity for cooking
  • Warranty card, manual and rice cooker etc.


  • It is an inexpensive brand, but not available everywhere
  • Limited rice cooking options
  • Not an energy efficient
  • Long time to cook rice.

3) Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker:

Whenever you search for the rice cookers in online markets or formal stores, then Bajaj RCX 5 is one of the most praising products available in the world. This brand comes with a number of features that attract you. Secondly, this smaller rice cooker has a capacity of 1.8 liter and the cooking bowl inside the machine or product is anodized finish and made of aluminum. You can use this product for cooking rice up to 1 kg that is really enough to serve 6 to 8 people. It has been supported with two cool touch handles. Secondly, Bajaj Corporation has loaded it with stainless steel lid as well as steam vent properties.

Product needs 230 operating volts, while its consumption is 550 watts. Users will enjoy automatic cooking with easy control functions, manual programming and 2 years warranty on the brand. By look, this is an appealing innovation with its mind-blowing performance. In addition, users can easily move it, because it is portable. If you are interested to shop it, then Amazon will be a top place where you can easily find it and place your order. But, you still need to read the product description, customer reviews and score of this product on Amazon. These things will let you know popularity and performance of the brand.


  • 8 liter capacity and up to 1 kg rice cooking capacity
  • 2 year warranty
  • 230 volts and 550 watts power consumption
  • Lid is tight and steam protecting
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Two aluminum pans for cooking rice
  • Automatic cooking
  • LED lights for indicating function in use; warm or cook
  • Cool touch handles to carry it
  • Appealing design and greatly finish etc.


  • Likewise other brands, it is also not easily available
  • Cost is low, but features are also limited
  • Not suitable for a big family
  • Less capable amount of rice needed to cook.

4) Morphy Richards D55W 1.5-Litre 350-Watt Electric Rice Cooker:

Morphy Richards D55W is another brand which is much capable and high performing with its warm and cook functions. You can use it for frequent and continuous uses without any worry. Secondly, the device is decorated with graphics and symbols of kitchen accessories. Whenever you need to cook or steam rice, then this product will provide you 100% satisfactory results. In next, the brand is worldwide famous for its structure, internal surface and cooking pans that are made of thicker aluminum and coated layers. It is perfectly energy efficient and rice in the bowl will remain warm for a couple of hours.

There is an easy clip to move it up and down for warm and cook functions. You will get user guide, operations, service centers, warranty card and rice cooker. Lid of the product is air tight and there is no possibility of emission of heat when it is on work. Secondly, you can pick and move it by its two cool touch handles that help you to get out the rice by inverting it to a big bowl after cooking or steaming. It has also an automatic cooking function that will keep you easy when it is cooking rice. Finally, the brand uses only 350 watts power by a detachable cord and it works on 230 volts.


  • Easy to use by its simplest functions
  • Cook and warm options
  • Stainless steel made lid with excellent fitting
  • 2 year warranty on product
  • 350 watts and 230 volts power
  • Detachable DC adaptor for supply of power
  • 5 litter capacity and 1 kg rice cooking possible
  • Cool touch handles
  • Easy to move
  • Washable
  • Aluminum made cooking pans
  • Heat preserving product
  • Available in most of the markets and countries
  • Affordable brand etc.


  • Conventional manual programs and functions
  • Amazon does not operate in every country or region
  • Capacity of cooking rice is not satisfactory for big families and more number of people.

5)  Crompton Greaves MRC61-I 1.5 L Electric Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature:

Crompton Greaves Corporation is universally reputed company that deals with many types of electric and electronic appliances. In these days, it is leading the world by its innovative and unique kitchen appliances like rice cooker that has become a basic need of every house. Usually, most of women have started using a variety of electrical kitchen appliances to save their time and cook tastier food. Yes, you can use this rice cooker for steaming, boiling, cooking and frying rice in white as well as brown colors. It has a tight and heat preserving lid made of stainless steel. While, the shape of product is also much attractive.

The brand comes with many of features that arrest the attention of every buyer at first glance. In these days, it is much famous in Asian, European. American and Australian countries. In addition, the brand is capable for 1 to 1.5 liter rice. If you have any threat of overheating or over temperature, then you should not worry, because it will automatically control it. You will never see your rice burning or uncooked. It has a detachable DC cord that will supply 400 watts power to make it efficient. Stronger lid and aluminum cooking pan make it an inspiring product of the year.


  • Stainless steel made lid for covering and stopping heat from emission
  • Aluminum finished cooking pan
  • 1 to 1.5 liter capacity
  • Controllable in case of over temperature
  • 400 watts power supply
  • DC detachable cord
  • Cool and easy grip touch handles
  • Affordable and portable
  • Best for all kinds of steaming and boiling rice
  • User friendly interface
  • Latest technology and special heat preserving features etc.


  • Many of countries cannot buy it due to no shipping service
  • In budget, but limited functions
  • Good for only small families and limited uses.

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