Sewing Machine as Basic Home Appliance:

A sewing machine is a gear or comprehensive apparatus to stitch the fabrics along with several other things by thread. This machine is almost the essential part of every home for stitching a variety of clothes for wearing. You can view the world’s top and best sewing machines that are automatic and marvelous in quality. However, today, the stitching or sewing machines are countless in numbers that are different by their specs, features, sizes, speed, performance and durability, but all these machines are used for same purpose.

Fundamentally, sewing machines are different in types; for the trainees, experts and stitching masters. If you are searching for the best sewing machines for beginners, then you should focus on multiple functioning machines that have clear descriptions and guidelines that how to set, use and operate these sewing machines to learn stitching completely. Undoubtedly, quality of stitching and performance will vary from product to product. Secondly, you will get endless features and superb performance by an expensive and advance machine.

Improve Your Skills by a Right Sewing Machine:

When you choose topnotch quality, guaranteed performance and best rated sewing machines, then obviously you will get a chance to improve your stitching skills. Further, most of women do their home based job of stitching clothes for individuals as well as for the boutiques at home. So, they need mind-blowing stitching quality and neatness in their stitching, so that they can impress the providers and satisfy the customers. You must be aware of different parts and functions of advance sewing machines that are available in markets. A tailor or stitching master will be more brilliant in his/her skills if he/she owns a superb quality sewing machine.

Helpful Instructions for Buyers to Shop Sewing Machines:

Today, there are many types of best sewing machines for quilting which you can view and buy from online stores. Secondly, customers have no experience to buy sewing machines must wait for a while and learn the instructions that how to buy such products from a competitive markets. You must be rational and conscious to buy only the sewing machines which you are targeting in the market. Secondly, you should also give preference to quality, material, performance, user friendly functions, stitching neatness, durability and excellent working of these sewing machines you are interested to purchase. Finally, a customer must give priority to a brand or company that is true in its words.

Offers You Should Ignore When Buying Sewing Machines:

Out of many brands, you should prefer best singer sewing machines that come with long lasting warranty and many promised features. Secondly, these products of Singer Corporation are multitasking like auto stitching, designing and automatic stop or pause options. That is why; most of women and stitching masters rely on Singer brands that comes with greatest features and performance levels. Anyway, you need to stay on right path when going to shop some high quality sewing machines. During your search or buying procedure, you must avoid attractive offers like discounts, free shipping and 2 year free service etc. All these are confusing offers that mean just to sell products and later on most companies do not fulfill their promise.

Extracted List of Five Top Sewing Machines and Their Reviews:

Now, you will read about the best home sewing machines with their complete reviews, technical specification, pros and cons. These informative things are just to make you well familiar with right and best sewing machine sonly.

1) Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine:

Look of this sewing machine is superb and impressive, as it does not have arm to run it. Brother XL 2600I comes with a number of features and advance specs that make stitching process very simple. It is a highly recommended brand for regular and very sensitive sewing projects. Most of men and women use this product for their boutique cloth stitching. You can also learn and improve your stitching skills with this best sewing machine that is completely affordable in the market. Basically, there are many reasons behind its rapid popularity. First of all, it is not supported with an arm and secondly it has 25 Built-in stitches.

Each stitch owns a number of stitching modes and functions. It completely supports the daily stitching projects you are doing and novices who want learning how to sew quality clothes. It has sufficient storage space for the accessories in arm free. You will get five accessory presser feet and a bilingual manual for the users to get assistance in sewing clothes with this machine. Other parts and accessories with this sewing machine are featured needle threader, auto bobbin winding, drop in bobbin loading, thread cutter and one step automatic size buttonholer. It needs 110 volts to operate, while it is supported with light bulbs to illuminate the workspace. It has foot pedals to use it and sew the clothes.


  • It is a arm free sewing machine with latest features and specs
  • 110 to 120 volts power needed
  • Foot pedal to sewing the clothes with a great speed
  • 25 Built-in stitching modes and each has multiple functions to sew
  • Best for beginners and fashion designers who stitch samples
  • Good and efficient for regular stitching projects
  • 5 presser feet accessory
  • Bilingual manual for users
  • single step auto size buttonholer
  • Good storage capacity for the accessories
  • Thread cutter, needle threader, drop-in bobbin loader, auto bobbin winder etc.
  • Average price to afford etc.


  • Complicated stitching functions and modes
  • Maintaining 110 volts is not easy
  • Not available in most of countries
  • Limited in stock where it is available
  • Its price is high in developed countries where best substitutes are available.

2) SINGER 1507WC Easy-to-Use Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Canvas Cover:

Singer is a famous company that has been making many types of home appliance sin which sewing, washing machines and some other products are more famous. This company always tries to introduce an innovative product with latest technology to facilitate users in their jobs. Now, it comes with its splendid sewing machine 1507WC Sewing Machine with Canvas Cover. It is famous for its user friendly interface, simplest functions, multiple sewing options and a variety of stitching modes. It offers you easiest threading that will surely save your time and give you convenient stitching results. Most women use and recommend Singer sewing machine for its ultimate neatness in all stitching functions.

Size of this sewing machine is not big, while its design is perfectly compact that makes users comfortable to use and stitch all kinds of fabrics. It is a machine with its various customized stitches that are useful to stitch some boutique styled dresses and bridal costumes. Further, users will enjoy zigzag width and adjustable stitching length to craft fabulous dresses with extraordinary styles. This sewing machine is mostly used in boutiques for stitching highly fashionable clothes and special types of dresses which celebrities wear to perform. Secondly, you will get a complete cover made of canvas to keep the machine free of debris, dirty and dust particles.


  • Free arm sewing machine with many qualities
  • Promised performance and long term durability
  • Very quick and easy threading
  • Save your time
  • Adjustable length in stitching and zigzag width for customized stitching
  • Eight Built-in stitches with one automatic 4-step buttonhole
  • Best for decorating, fashion and stylish stitching options
  • 4 snap on presser feet supports the creative stitching possibilities
  • 110 volts needed
  • Canvas cover for making it free of dirt and debris
  • Not expensive


  • Not easier functions to stitch
  • Multiple stitches, but little complex to adjust
  • Short in stock
  • Slow speed and higher vibration during operation.

3) Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine with Built-In Stitches:

Built-in Stitches Technology is the latest which most of sewing machine manufacturers have been suing since 2010. Now, customers prefer only those stitching machines which that are supported with Built-in Stitching. Anyway, the machine you are reading comes with multipurpose sewing functions that support you to stitch a variety of styles, fancy and highly fashionable clothes on demand. If you are an experienced tailor and stitching boutique styles dresses, then you should once try this Michley LSS-505 Lil Sewing Machine. All the technical parts and stitches are 100% guaranteed, best and approved. Price of this machine is also very reasonable which you can easily afford.

Design of this sewing machine is much appealing with medium sized product and multiple stitches. First of all, it comes with 8 Built-in stitches and 2 friendly speed settings you can use to stitch clothes for saving time. Secondly, you will be able to use double thread, forward and reverse sewing options that will make you an expert in special stitching. Automatic Thread Rewind also makes it much famous and its guaranteed performance is a main reason of its maximum sale. LED light will indicating stitching and there is a power button along with low and high speed. Finally, it is best to stitch a number of stylish clothes.


  • Eight friendly Built-in patterns
  • Two speed setting options
  • Double thread that saves time
  • Reverse as well as forward sewing
  • Auto Thread Rewind Technology
  • Multi-purpose threading and stitching options
  • Double speed and less vibration
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very low priced
  • Two thread spools, two bobbins, foot pedal, threader, needle and AC adaptor
  • Free arm and good storage space for accessories etc.


  • Unavailable in most of countries
  • Vibration and complication to control fabrics
  • Difficult stitches for beginners
  • Not easy to control due to high speed.

4) Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine:

Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine is a creative product with its several specs and features that motivate you to buy it. Basically, this product was introduced to control all kinds of fabrics during stitching process, because most of silky and smoother clothes are unable to control and keep beneath the needle. It offers you tangle free sewing with super and excellent bobbin system that is free of any kind of jam. For easy fabric control, it has 7 piece feed dog, while there are 18 stitches along with a Built-in buttonhole. It has a handle for carrying it and it needs 110 volts to operate it.

This sewing machine is extremely famous in USA for its endless features and remarkable performance. When you are interested in this brand and desire to buy it, then you need to read its detailed review that will let you know more about it and its performance. Further, it has been evaluated that 71% users of this product love it for its great support in stitching the fashionable and stylish dresses. You can also craft some designs with usual thread on the clothes. There will be no complication to stitch any type of the issue, because it is supported with latest threat wind technology. At the end, price is an essential factor to be discussed and it has very high price, because it is imported sewing machine with its dozens of features.


  • Top loading brand with jam proof bobbin system
  • Best for tangle free sewing
  • Seven piece feed dog
  • Best fabric control
  • 1 Built-in buttonhole and 18 stitches
  • Carrying handle for portability
  • Lightweight, but expensive
  • Famous in USA
  • 110 volts power
  • Supportive for fashion and stylish clothes etc.


  • Much expensive and not easy to buy
  • Limited in online stock
  • Challenging stitches and modes
  • Default speed
  • Complex length adjustment and selector.

5) JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine:

Obviously, everyone in the world knows well Juki and its products. It is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturer that has been a top rated sewing machine maker. In fact, you will get everything you want from Juki products. Juki TL 2000QI sewing machine is a quality product for its LED lights that are updated and single pedal operation. Further, you will obviously get 1500 SPM for the home decor and quilting apparel. Company has added automatic needle threader that saves your time and supports you stitch high quality and comprehensively neat clothes in styles you want. Definitely, price of this Juki machine is also peak and not easily affordable.

Do you know some special factors and specs that make it a fabulous product and maximum selling brand? Yes, first of all its extended table makes it more attractive that provides facility to users arrange more work on wide range area of the machine. It has also an arm made of Aluminum die cast as well as the bed which reduces vibration during stitching. All these features and specs make it an industry leading sewing machine. However, most women avoid buying it for its high price, but it is an industrial sewing machine which is largely used around the world. Some pros and cons of this brand have been explained below.


  • One pedal operating
  • High quality and updated LED lights for indication
  • Die cast arm made of Aluminum
  • Best for home decor and 1500 SPM for quilting clothes
  • Longer table for more work
  • Lower vibration
  • Customer guide
  • High priced, but excellent in performance
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Great speed and neatness etc.


  • Not easily portable
  • Good, but unavailable in several countries and regions
  • Limited Built-in and stitches
  • Not supported with multiple threads.

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